RMFL Preview: 16U and 18U Super Regionals



By: Arielle Gordon 


It’s finally here! This weekend, seven 16U and seven 18U Rocky Mountain Fastpitch League teams will take the field for RMFL Super Regionals


At the end of the weekend, we will award three Tier I and four Tier II Alliance Fastpitch Championship Series bids in each age group. 



Where: Fort Collins & Greeley, CO

When: June 24-26

Who: 16U, and 18U 

At Stake: Tier I and II AFCS bids 

AGL ID: 157




RMFL Teams to Watch: 


  • TC Colorado 16
  • Colorado Bombers 16Gold 
  • Colorado Bombers 16A 
  • Firecrackers – Gale/Vollmar
  • Colorado Styxx 16 Gold 
  • Colorado Styxx 16 Dentino
  • Batbusters Cardona


  • TC Colorado 18 Gold 
  • TC Colorado 18A 
  • Utah Freakz 
  • Firecrackers Gale-Bricker 
  • Colorado Styxx 18A 
  • Colorado Styxx 18 Gold 
  • Utah Thunder


For more information about the tournament, click here.  



  • Score your games using AthletesGoLive(AGL)! Alliance Player Recognition awards are based on your players AGL statistic reports. 

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