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Shannon Becker

Quick Facts

Hometown: Mahopac, NY

College Signee: University of Notre Dame

Member League: NEFL LOGO

Club Team: EC Bullets - 18u Gold Schnute

Positions: P

Get to know her...

Jennie Finch

“Work hard in silence, let success be your noise.”

Soccer, softball, traveling

University of Notre Dame

At Notre Dame you get both championship level academics and athletics. It’s the best of both worlds. The atmosphere, culture, and coaching staff are also unbeatable.

Jennie Finch – I try to be the best I can be and strive to be as dominant on the mound as Jennie Finch.

My mom and sister played softball. My dad and brother also played baseball. I come from a family that truly loves the game.

I began softball at a young age and it wound up being something I loved passionately. I gave my all and put 110% effort into every workout to become the best I could. I want everyone to know that if you put your mind into something you’re passionate about, you can achieve anything. I am a girl from a small town in New York and found a way to make a path for myself. I want to be remembered for my work ethic and drive that got me to the places I am today.

I am incredibly superstitious. My pregame ritual is down pat. No matter if it’s a big game or a scrimmage, my game day is very busy in order for me to perform my best. It got to the point where the Starbucks baristas memorized my order and had it ready when I walked in on game day. It doesn’t stop in pregame though, as I do the same thing in between every inning. My superstitions are looked at as crazy to some, and you wouldn’t even realize what I do unless I point it out. It’s a big part of the game to me and I think it adds an extra layer of fun. (Also, I’ve played softball in 21 states and am looking forward to how many more I’ll play in in college)