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Hailey Rath

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Rat

Hometown: Eatonville, WA

College Signee: Western Washington University

Member League: NWFL LOGO

Club Team: Ai Bandits Breer

Positions: OF

Get to know her...

Sami Reynolds

The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do -Kobe Bryant

Hiking, basketball, camping and spending time with family and friends.

Western Washington University

I really liked the campus, coach and the girls on the team. WWU has a great athletic program.

Hailey Van Lith, small town girl with big dreams who works hard and is proof that dreams do come true.

Playing soccer and softball with my older sister Kaitlyn in High school was a great memory.

I want to be proof to others that no dream is too big and that hard work pays off and will lead you to making all dreams come true.
Nothing is impossible.

I’m a very happy person and I will always make others laugh and have fun. I love to always be myself.