By jess


As part of the Alliance Fastpitch Player Recognition Program, we are excited to honor Pacific Coast Fastpitch League (PCFL) 2nd Baseman, Baylie Ciremele of Batbusters 14U (Ledbetter) as the Senior Player of the Month for her admirable performance in March.

Ciremele had a great month at the plate with a .543 batting average. The 2027 closed the month with an impressive 6 RBIS, 17 singles, 1 double, 1 homerun, and 7 stolen bases.


Tell us a bit about your softball story! How’d you get started in the sport?

I started playing T-Ball when I was five years old. Then played rec softball up until 10u. I moved to travel ball in second year 10’s.


Who is your favorite softball player?

Victoria Hayward


What do you like to do outside of softball?

I like to go to church, hang out with my friends and play soccer.


Coaches Feedback 

Tell us a bit about your athlete? As a player, person, etc.

Baylie sets the tone for the team. She hits lead off for the team and sets the tone with her crazy amount of speed, high batting avg and high OBP. She is very successful making adjustments in the box and able to adjust on the fly by looking at the defense. Baylie has such a high level of athletic ability, work ethic and is dedicated to helping the team in any way she can.


Do you have a favorite memory or moment of this athlete?

I have many favorite memories but the one that stands out the most to me is her first time slap hitting for me. I asked her to try slapping and she gave me this look like “are you sure?” She then went and worked on the mechanics so much that she forgot how to hit righty. Time came and I asked her to slap and she looked so scared and nervous but I had faith she’d be fine and I was right she got on base. The sigh of relief and smile on her face is a memory I’ll never forget.


Is there anything else you’d like to share, include, or that we should know?

At first she is a very very shy girl but once you get her to open up you can’t get her stop. Multi sport athlete and no doubt in my mind she’ll make a big impact in the sport of softball.


What is the Alliance Fastpitch Player Recognition Program?

The Player Recognition Program was built to recognize and spotlight our individual players in each Member League. Each month, registered Alliance Fastpitch coaches can nominate a player from their age division. League Leadership will review nominations and a monthly stats report from AthletesGoLive (AGL) to determine the League’s Player of the Month.

Following the announcement of each League’s Players of the Month, the Alliance Fastpitch will recognize a National Player of the Month. To be considered for Player of the Month, your team must score League games in AGL so your stats will be included in the League’s monthly report.