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Taylour Spencer

Quick Facts

Hometown: Winchester, CA

Member League: PCFL LOGO

Club Team: Corona Angels Tyson

Positions: P

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Tarann Avelo

The question isn't who's going to let me; it's who's going to stop me - Ayn Rand

listening to music, cooking/baking, shopping, hanging out with friends

University of Oregon

Oregon has been my dream school since I was 10. I fell even more in love with it during my visit. As a student athlete Oregon can’t be beat. The campus and sport culture, facilities, coaching staff, players, and so much more! I was able to see myself living there for the next 4 years and instantly knew that Eugene was going to be home!

An athlete that I try to model my game after would probably be Rachel Garcia. When she plays, you can just tell that the energy she brings to the field is like no other and her teammates WANT to be behind her. She is a hard worker and one of the most elite pitchers to ever play in the game. I want to be just like that.

All of my family members either have or still play sports, and we are some of the most competitive people you will ever meet! You’ll never find a more competitive game of Monopoly! We love to do family things together such as barbecues and camping trips.

I want my legacy in softball to be my presence and energy on the field. When people hear my name, I want them to think of my grit, competitiveness, and dedication to this game as well as being a dominant force in the circle.

Growing up playing softball, my parents actually never wanted me to be a pitcher, here I am. My dad was always against it but my mom convinced him to let me have one pitching lesson, and ever since then, it’s taken off!