Alliance Fastpitch Open Nationals Expands West

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The Alliance Fastpitch is excited to announce the launch of the Alliance Fastpitch Open Nationals (AFON) West. This expansion is a testament to the overwhelming success of AFON in the eastern region and demonstrates our commitment to providing an unparalleled National Championship experience for our teams. 


AFON was initially introduced in the 2022 season to offer more teams inside the Alliance Fastpitch the opportunity to compete in one of our postseason events. AFON was designed to mimic the Alliance Fastpitch Championship Series (AFCS) and ensure that players are at the forefront of the entire championship experience. 


The AFCS is limited to 96 berths per age division (18U to 10U). All AFCS berths must be earned each season through League play at Qualifying Events. AFON, which is open to all Alliance registered teams, is hosted the same week as the 18U & 16U AFCS so teams can plan accordingly all season long. 


The city of Chattanooga, Chattanooga Sports, and Connect Sports have built a great championship experience for Alliance Teams the past two years. Based on the success of AFON in the eastern half of the country as well as the state representation, the Alliance Fastpitch felt it was important to offer our teams in the western half with the same experience. We are looking forward to building upon the foundation AFON East has started while growing out west. 


“The teams at Connect Sports and Chattanooga Sports have done a phenomenal job building AFON and the championship experience our athletes and teams deserve,” said Jami Lobpries, Alliance Fastpitch CEO. “We are excited to build upon that foundation in Chattanooga while also expanding our AFON experience in the West. Our membership has shown the desire for a western open-option during our National Championship week. We look forward to working together with Connect Sports and Triple Crown So Cal to offer the same experience on both sides of the country.”


AFON West will be hosted in the Southern California region in the same facilities as the AFCS. This event will be hosted the same week as the 18U/16U AFCS and AFON East – July 23 to July 28, 2024. Triple Crown So Cal will operate the AFON West event. 


Both AFON locations kick off with a similar AFCS Day O experience including college coach camps, skills challenges, and players experience. The format for AFON includes a 5 game guarantee with 3 pool games into a double elimination bracket. Check out this video from the 2022 AFON in Chattanooga!  


This expansion of AFON reaffirms our commitment to putting the athletes first and creating purposeful structure to regionalized and national play. 


We hope your team can join one of our AFON locations! 


Register for AFON East in Chattanooga, TN | July 23-28, 2024


Register for AFON West in Southern California | July 23-28, 2024


The Alliance Fastpitch is a leading organization committed to the growth and development of youth softball. Through initiatives like the AFCS and AFON, the Alliance Fastpitch aims to provide young athletes with unparalleled opportunities to showcase their skills and passion for the game. For more information, visit