Alliance Safe Fastpitch

Athlete Safety Policy

The Alliance Fastpitch is focused on creating a safe playing environment for our youth softball players. We are responsible for providing a healthy, non-threatening environment free from emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. One of our roles is to educate our coaches on their compliance responsibilities.

The Alliance Fastpitch has a zero-tolerance policy for abuse and misconduct. Our Athlete Safety Policy was developed to help all participants detect and report abuse, respond to it, and prevent future occurrences.

The policy includes the following key components:

  1. Prohibited Conduct
  2. Mandatory Reporting
  3. Background Screening
  4. Education and Training
  5. Limiting One-on-One Interactions (Athlete Safety Policy)
  6. Enforcement

All coaches registered with The Alliance Fastpitch are required to complete a background screening and athlete safety training.


Athlete Safety Policy

Background Check Policy

Background Check Appeals Policy

Mandatory Reporting

All Adult Participants of The Alliance Fastpitch are mandatory reporters of any known or suspected child abuse. All reports must be made to the appropriate law enforcement authorities within 24 hours. Abuse does not need to be confirmed. Adult Participants should never seek to conduct their own investigations.

The Alliance Fastpitch does not tolerate retaliation of any kind. Any Adult Participant or Minor Athlete who makes a good faith report will not be subject to retaliation, including harassment, because of making a report. The obligation to report is not always satisfied by making an initial report and an Adult Participant is required to report supplemental information of which he/she becomes aware that may be relevant in a pending investigation.