Alliance Leagues Adopt One Scoring System

BYJami Lobpries

January 15, 2021 — The Alliance Fastpitch and all six Member Leagues are excited to announce the adoption of one scoring system across all Leagues. Following our Winter Meetings, all Leagues agreed to adopt one scoring system to maintain consistency across the country and to simplify for our teams. The Alliance Rating System will serve as the points and scoring system for all teams playing in one of our Member Leagues. The Alliance Fastpitch has worked directly with AthletesGoLive to implement the Alliance Rating System.

The Alliance Rating System is based off the popular Elo Rating formula, which is used by FIFA, Sagarin (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, College Sports), and (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL). Our system is able to predict win probabilities, is internally consistent, awards performance, and is a simple and easy formula to calculate.

The Alliance Rating System will impact all League games moving forward. League Commissioners will identify all events within their League where teams can earn points. Those events will have an AthletesGoLive (AGL) event number so our system can recognize it is a points event. In order for your points to count, teams must utilize their AGL Team Account (which a free account with AthletesGoLive) to score the game. Following these League events, the scores will be automatically calculated into your team’s overall point value.

All teams will start off with an initial rating of 1600. Teams exchange points based on the outcome of games.

  • A team that does better than expected improves its rating
  • A team that does worse than expected lowers its rating

Stronger teams must beat weaker teams consistently to maintain or increase their rating. Weaker teams can play stronger teams without having to win a lot of games and still improve their rating. Teams have an incentive to play STRONG teams and will be rewarded for their performance.

The following leagues have already integrated games from the Fall.


Don Battles On

Corona Angels

2020 10u – 12u PCFL Winter Championships

2020 PCFL Bullhead City Winter Classic


Fall Breakout

Halloween Bash

Loretta B Smith


2020 Battle of DFW 14u

2020 Ronald McDonald Wk 2

2020 Ronald McDonald Wk 1

2020 NT TFL Fall KO – Plano

2020 NT Fall Shootout – USA

2020 Fusion Exposure

2020 Fall Pink Out 14u

2020 Fall NT C&S

2020 Fall IG Invite

2020 Fall Gold Cup

2020 Fall AmFree Invite

2020 Fall Alliance Cup

2020 CT Tourn Champ

2020 College Classic

2020 Bomber Exposure

2020 Central TX TFL Fall KO

2020 TFL Fall Championships

2020 TA&M Comm C&S

2020 Sweet 16 – USSSA

2020 Southern Charm Showcase

2020 South TFL Fall KO


We will be tracking non-Alliance teams as well throughout the season as long as those teams are registered in AthletesGoLive and their AGL Team ID is entered correctly when scoring the game. If at any time during the season, those non-alliance teams register for the alliance, we will transfer their records and ratings into our leaderboards and their rating will be based on the games we’ve tracked them in.


The Alliance Power Points (APP) will be awarded to League teams for inter-league play against teams from another Member League. Points will be awarded based on the following:

Traveling Team Wins3Neutral Ground Win3
Traveling Team Tie2Neutral Ground Tie2
Traveling Team Loss1Neutral Ground Loss1
Local Team Wins2  
Local Team Tie1  


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