Atlantic Coast Fastpitch League Becomes Eighth Alliance Member League

BYJami Lobpries

September 2021 — The Alliance Fastpitch is excited to announce the addition of the Atlantic Coast Fastpitch League (ACFL) as our eighth Member League. The ACFL will begin operations this 2022 Season and will include the states of Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The three states within the ACFL were part of the Heart of America League’s Mid Atlantic Region in the 2021 Season. Creating more regional play and representation was a strong focus of the Alliance Fastpitch and our League Leadership which is why we believed strongly in this region becoming its own Member League.  


The ACFL will include its own League Schedule with existing events in the Atlantic Coast Region as well as its own League Qualifiers with berths to the Alliance Fastpitch Championship Series (AFCS) in the 10U to 18U age divisions. In addition, the ACFL will include its own Player Recognition Program which will include monthly Player of the Month recipients, inclusion in League All Star Teams, and additional opportunities for athletes from Virginia and the Carolinas to be recognized regionally and nationally. 

The ACFL will be led by Commissioner Ryan Taylor and Deputy Commissioner Tom Bunn. 


“The first year of the Alliance was an incredible opportunity for the sport to come together, and create an environment where all levels, from grassroots to the elite, connect.  With continued focus on offering teams opportunities for regional play, and the rich tradition of softball in the Atlantic Coast region, we are excited to create the Atlantic Coast Fastpitch League,” said Ryan Taylor


“I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with the Alliance since inception.  Our organization plays the majority of our schedule locally and I’m excited to create additional Alliance play right here in the Atlantic Coast Fastpitch League.  Our region has long been a well respected softball community, and the ACFL will continue to build on past success.”  Tom Bunn


The Atlantic Coast Fastpitch League Leadership consists of the following members:

Commissioner: Ryan Taylor

Deputy Commissioner: Tom Bunn

League Administrator: John Corn

North Carolina Director: TBA

South Carolina Director: Shaun Gleason 


Teams interested in joining the ACFL can contact Tom Bunn or Ryan Taylor

Registration for the ACFL and the Alliance Fastpitch is open now. Individual athletes and coaches will register for the year with the Alliance Fastpitch and teams will register with the ACFL for League Play. A full League Schedule including points events and qualifiers will be announced soon as will the official dates and locations for the 2022 AFCS.

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About the Alliance Fastpitch:

The Alliance Fastpitch is a cohesive network of regional softball leagues, teams, coaches, athletes and parents. Founded in the Summer of 2020, the Alliance Fastpitch had over 1000 teams in its first season and over 12,000 individual members including coaches and athletes. 

The Alliance’s regional Member Leagues include the Pacific Coast Fastpitch League, Heart of America Fastpitch League, Northeast Fastpitch League, Rocky Mountain Fastpitch League, Southeastern Fastpitch League, Texas Fastpitch League, Northwest Fastpitch League, and the Atlantic Coast Fastpitch League. These regional Member Leagues provide a purpose of play to existing events with a structured point and ranking system, regional League championships, and a true national championship series, the Alliance Fastpitch Championship Series (AFCS).  Berths in championship events must be earned, with every team starting at the same level each season. The Alliance has partnered with the top event providers (USA Softball, USSSA, Triple Crown Sports) to host these events throughout the country.

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