Travel Softball Team Insurance

About Players Health

Players Health brings deeps experience and knowledge backed by hundreds of hours of research and program development with top universities. They help sports organizations manage their risk and make sports safe and more enjoyable for young athletes who love to play them. Players Health mission is to create the safest and most accessible environment possible for athletes to play the sports they love.

Players Health Insurance for Teams

Alliance Registration includes participant insurance through Players Health. Teams can request COIs directly from Alliance/Players Health once they have a minimum of 9 players on their roster. Players Health covers all rostered players and coaches -- meaning players on the roster who have registered and paid for their Alliance membership.

This insurance will be accepted at the majority of tournaments within League Schedules. Some associations may require additional insurance or other items. We recommend coaches always consult with the tournament host.

Coach Background Screening

A background screening through Players Health is included in the 2023 Alliance Membership for all registered coaches. A link will be sent by Players Health to each coach who registers with The Alliance Fastpitch. This link will have instructions for the coach on how to take his or her background check. If you have not received this link, please contact

Additional Insured & COIs

If you need to a Certificate of Insurance (COI) or need to add an additional insured, please email

OR you can request a COI or file a claim by clicking below.

Additional Information

Does the 2023 season include USA registration or Insurance?

No, Alliance Fastpitch membership no longer includes USA Softball membership.

If a team would like to register with USA Softball and/or purchase USA Softball insurance then the team needs to reach out to their Local USA Softball Association HERE.

Does the 2023 season include coach background screening through USA Softball?

No. If a coach would like to purchase a USA Softball background screening, then the coach needs to reach out to his/her Local USA Softball Association.

However, a background screening through Players Health is included in the 2023 Alliance Membership for all registered coaches.

What if I already have Insurance through USA Softball or an additional insurance?

Insurance is an included membership benefit with your individual Alliance Membership, as well as many additional membership benefits associated with Alliance Membership. This will allow you to play in the majority of tournaments within League schedules and will allow you the coverage you need for the AFCS and AFON.

If you have already purchased additional team insurance from another association, this will not affect your Alliance Membership.

How long will it take to get my COI?

Please allow 1-2 business days.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my insurance through my Alliance membership?

Teams and participants can contact for any questions about their Players Health insurance included with their Alliance Fastpitch membership.