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About pocket Radar®

Pocket Radar’s technology is currently utilized by coaches at the highest levels of softball, and by parents and players training in their backyards. Providing software and hardware solutions tailored for player development and recruiting, Pocket Radar’s new app platform is a powerful tool for athletes looking to improve their game and have their metrics be seen by coaches across the country.

As the official radar technology partner of The Alliance Fastpitch, Pocket Radar provides an exclusive discount for the Smart Coach + Training Bundle to Alliance coaches and families on various buy days. 

Dial in different softball pitch speeds to keep hitters off balance, improve fielding arm strength and increase hitting power by measuring Ball Exit Velocity.





Beat the Defense Reaction Time with hard hit line drives.


Interested in Maximizing Your Softball Hitting Power? Visit the Pocket Radar Hitting Page to learn more about the importance of measuring Ball Exit Velocity off the bat and the science behind how it directly relates to softball hitting power. Remember, every 1 MPH added to Exit Speed gives an extra 4 - 6 feet of travel distance on a well-hit ball.






Incorporate Off-Speed Pitches to disrupt the hitter’s timing.







Improve Pop-Time so base-runners second guess stealing.






Build Arm Strength and make the tough plays look easy.



As the official radar technology partner of The Alliance Fastpitch, Pocket Radar provides an exclusive discount for the Smart Coach + Training Bundle to Alliance coaches and families on various buy days. 

Buy Day Schedule

October 27, 2022

February 1, 2023

May 31, 2023

Coming soon: October 2023



For Allliance Coaches

Every Alliance Coach is eligible for an annual discount through Pocket Radar. For more information please enter the password below to access the form. The password has been sent in the most recent Pocket Radar partner announcement and is included in your coach welcome email. If you need help finding the password please email info@thealliancefastpitch.com.

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For Alliance Families

Every Alliance athlete/family has access to special discount codes through Pocket Radar on designated buy days. Discount codes will be sent out via email a few days prior to each buy day. If you need help accessing the discount code for an upcoming buy day please email info@thealliancefastpitch.com.

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Smart Coach Radar with Companion App

The Smart Coach Radar with companion app is your complete speed and video training system.

Compatible with Apple Watch

Watch users can now access speeds directly on their wrist.

Detailed History for Each Session

Track your progress over time with our comprehensive history of your sessions including max speed and average speed. Sort and filter your results to easily find what you are looking for.

Enhance your game experiences with Pocket Radar Connect

Embed velocities into your AthletesGoLive in-game scoring and streaming events.

All of your players in one place

Want to manage not just one but a group of player’s and their velocities? Player Management allows you to simply create a list of players and assign one or multiple players to each session.

Remote Speed Display and Audio Speed Announcements

Improve your training and development sessions by seeing your results immediately on an external display or by hearing your numbers through pairing with a Bluetooth® speaker or headphones.

Share your speed for the world to see

Do you have a great video that shows off your talents and speed number? Share it for the world to see. When you play back a recorded video, you can tap the share icon and share to your favorite social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram – or send a text message of the video to your friends.

Speeds Embedded Directly in Your Videos

Record video with speeds embedded directly in the video. Export and share your videos with friends, coaches, and recruiters.