Rules & Policies

Alliance Fastpitch Roster Rules & Player Transfer Policies

All athletes playing in a Member League within the Alliance Fastpitch must register for The Alliance Fastpitch via LeagueApps prior to all Summer League Championships.

Athletes are attached to the League Team they register with at the start of the season.

  • Athletes are allowed one permanent team roster move each season.
    • A roster move is defined as a player being registered with a League Team. This will be important for AFCS Qualified teams as those rosters will be locked upon Qualification.
    • Athletes are allowed to ‘guest play’ with another League team during the regular season up until two weeks prior to Summer League Championships
  • 10U or 12U athletes are allowed a total of two (2) team roster moves.

Process for changing team rosters:

  • To permanently change rosters, an athlete’s parent must contact the League Administrator for her Member League.
  • If an athlete wants to permanently move teams more than the one allotted time (or two for 10U/12U), she must contact The Alliance Fastpitch for approval.