Rules & Policies

Alliance Fastpitch Roster Rules & Player Transfer Policies


Transfer Definition – A player is on a current roster and is moving from one team to another team’s roster.

Addition Definition – A team is adding a player that is not a member of the Alliance or is an Alliance member that is not currently on an Alliance team's roster.

Qualifying Roster Definition - roster submitted to the league prior to any AFCS qualifying event 

Championship Roster Definition - the roster to be submitted to the Alliance prior to the AFCS

Roster Rules for Players

  1. Players can transfer one (1) time in the fall and one (1) time in the summer.
  2. The player must submit a transfer request to the League office. The League office gets approval from both teams.
  3. If transferring across leagues, the player must submit a request to both League offices. League offices get approval from both coaches.
  4. If a player is on a roster of a team that earns and accepts a Tier 1 AFCS berth, that player may only transfer to another team that has already earned and accepted a Tier 1 berth (players may not help two (2) separate teams earn a berth for AFCS).
  1. Championship roster limit to be set at 22 players
  2. Teams may make additions (non-Alliance members) up to five (5) days prior to the start of a qualifying event.
  3. Leagues may choose between a ten (10) or a fourteen (14) day option prior to an AFCS qualifying event for Teams to accept a transfer player.
  4. Leagues may set specific date ranges for Transfer and Addition windows exclusive to their leagues.
  5. Teams must accept AFCS berth and register for the AFCS within 30 days of the completion of the qualifying event at which they qualified 
  6. Upon accepting a Tier 1 AFCS berth, a team’s Qualifying Roster becomes that team’s Championship Roster, and players will be locked to that team’s Championship Roster
  7. After accepting a Tier 1 AFCS berth, teams may add as many players as they wish to their Championship Roster, so as not to exceed the 22 player limit 
  8. Teams that earn a Tier berth from August 1 - February 29 must submit an official Championship Roster by June 1st. 
  9. After June 1, teams may add as many as 3 additional players, so as not to exceed the 22 player limit
  10. 14 days prior to the opening day of a division’s AFCS, teams in that division may no longer make roster additions 
  11. Upon qualifying for a Tier 2 AFCS berth, the roster is NOT locked, and that team will remain subject to the above rules regarding Transfers and Additions.
  12. In the instance that a team qualifies for Tier 1 AFCS and loses an excessive number of players, that team may submit an appeal to delete players from their roster and fill those spots up to the 22 player limit
  1. If a team wishes to join a league that does not coincide with their home state’s Alliance designation, that team may join a league in which they play a large portion of their schedule. Teams must provide proof of past or future schedules to the Alliance Rules Committee.
  2. The Alliance Rules Committee will also function as the Appeals Committee.
  3. If two (2) leagues are in dispute over an issue, each league’s representative will abstain from voting. In the case of a tie vote, the Alliance Executive Director will cast the tie-breaking vote.