Answering AFCS Open Division Questions for the TFL

By The Alliance Team

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AFCS Open Division FAQ from TFL:


What is the AFCS Open Division?

The AFCS Open Division provides the opportunity for TFL-registered teams who do not earn a Tier I or Tier II to participate in a championship series. It is a league championship that follows the same format as the AFCS and the NCAA.

How can my team qualify?

Any registered team is eligible to compete in the Open Division (team must be registered through The Alliance). If your team has earned a Tier I or Tier II berth, you will be automatically removed from the Open. If your team has earned a berth and would prefer to play in the Open Division, or if your team earns a berth after entering the Open, contact the TFL administrator. Your team can only compete in one division: Tier I, Tier II, or the Open.


When and where is the AFCS Open taking place?

The Open will take place the same week as the Tier I and Tier II series. It takes place very close by to the Tier I and Tier II events to make travel planning easier for teams.

Age              Dates                                              Location

10U West   Mon. July 26-Sat. July 31.         Southern Cal

10U East    Mon. July 26-Sat. July 31.         Bentonville, AR

12U West   Mon. July 26- Sat. July 31         Southern Cal

12U East    Mon. July 26- Sat. July 31         Bentonville, AR

14U             Tues. July 27- Sun. Aug 1           Clearwater, FL

16U             Mon. July 26- Sat. July 31          Broken Arrow, OK

18U             Mon. July 26- Sat. July 31          Broken Arrow, OK


Why compete in the Open?

The Open Division gives those teams that do not earn a berth the chance to compete in a league championship. The TFL has over 250 registered teams and only 132 available berths. As of now, only 101 berths remain for the TFL as 31 TFL teams have already earned a Tier I or Tier II berth.

For further questions please contact your league directly.

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