How Does the AFCS Work? Answering FAQs for the Texas Fastpitch League

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What is the AFCS?

The Alliance Fastpitch Championship Series (AFCS) is a playoff-style post season event that will be held in late July through early August. The top teams from the Texas Fastpitch League (TFL) will compete against the top teams from each of the other Member Leagues.


What is the format for the AFCS?

The format for the AFCS Championship looks similar to the NCAA’s post season. The Alliance Fastpitch will be hosting multiple rounds of play, including Regional, Super Regional, Elite 8, and the National Championship Series. The National Championship Series will follow a best 2 out of 3 format. In addition to the Championship series, there will be a Qualifying Bracket for the teams that lose in the Regional Series.


When and where are AFCS events taking place? 

10U/12U Tier I and II: Mon, July 26 – Sat, July 31, Southern California
14U Tier I: Mon, July 26 – Sat, July 31, Viera, FL
14U Tier II: Tues, July 27 – Sun, Aug 1, Viera, FL
16U Tier I: Sun, July 25 – Fri, July 30, Oklahoma City, OK
16U Tier II: Wed, July 28 – Mon, Aug 2, Oklahoma City, OK
18U Tier I: Sat, July 24 – Thurs, July 29, Oklahoma City, OK
18U Tier II: Tues, July 27 – Sun, Aug 1, Oklahoma City, OK


How can my team qualify for the AFCS? How do tiers work?

To qualify for the AFCS, your team must earn a Tier I or Tier II berth. Each season, teams will decide their Tier (I or II) based on their game results. Your team can earn a berth by competing in the TFL Championship or other AFCS Qualifying events. Teams can earn points during the TFL’s season by playing in League events and earning points that determine the seeding for the TFL Championship. Check out the TFL’s schedule to register your team for events in which you can earn points. To learn more about the Alliance’s points and rating systems, click here. Teams will need to score their games through AthletesGoLive (AGL) to earn Alliance points (follow the AGL link for more info on scoring games).

The Alliance will also host an Open division championship to the AFCS for all age divisions.  This series is in place for teams that do not qualify for a Tier I or Tier II berth can participate. In order to participate in the AFCS Open, teams must be registered with their Member League and Alliance Fastpitch. There will be a release on the AFCS Open with more info to come.


How many berths are available for the TFL?

Age Division and Tier Number of berths available
18U Tier I 12
18U Tier II 16
16U Tier I 12
16U Tier II 16
14U Tier I 12
14U Tier II 18
12U Tier I 16
12U Tier II 16
10U Tier I 14


Which teams from the TFL have already qualified for the 2021 AFCS?

Age Division Team Name Tier
18U Texas Bombers Gold Nationals CTX I
18U Texas Glory Gold I
Texas Bombers Gold 18U I
18U Texas Glory I
Premier Fastpitch Paulson 18U II
Illusions Gold National-Hoyt II
Louisiana Bombers 18U II
16U Prolific 16U I
Texas Blaze United Prinzo/Cain I
16U Texas Glory Naudin South I
Impact Gold National-Rodriguez I
Glory Adkins Gold 16U II
Illusions Premier Sessum II
Texas Blaze Gold 16U II
Texas Blaze-KTX 16U II
14U Impact Gold National Hays I
Impact Gold National-Smith I
14U Texas Glory Naudin I
Riptide I
Hotshots Premier 2025 HTX II
Illusions Gold National-Plocheck II
Diamond Fury Elite II
Texas Bombers CTX Gold 2025- Villegas II
12U Texas Glory 2K26 I
Texas Glory 2526 I

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