Will Lyles

Quick Facts

League Position (Title): League Administrator
College: Oklahoma City University

Favorite Fastpitch Moment:

I don’t have one specific favorite softball moment, but I truly love and appreciate all of the players I have had the opportunity to coach or work with. Because of that, favorite moment happens every time I get to catch up with one of my former players and hear how well they are doing.


Throughout my athletic journey, I’ve been deeply involved in baseball, taking pride in my roles as a pitcher and first baseman. Off the field, my professional path led me to the dynamic world of technology. My expertise encompasses a wide array of domains, from developing websites to managing servers, mastering networking, and ensuring robust security. My passion for sports and technology converges beautifully when it comes to softball. For the past 15 years, I’ve immersed myself in the game — from coaching and training athletes to leveraging my tech skills in enhancing the sport’s technology and products.

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