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Stars of Tomorrow Games

180 athletes have been invited to participate in the inaugural Stars of Tomorrow Games this August. Athletes were selected from Stars of Tomorrow combines and invited based on their primary position, scout evaluations, and data from the combines.

The top 60 athletes from each grad class (2024, 2025 and 2026) will be divided into four teams per age group. Athletes will train together, meet with our brand partners, and interact with the professionals at Athletes Unlimited. The Stars of Tomorrow athletes will also compete using the AU Scoring System where one athlete per age group will be crowned Champion!

The Stars of Tomorrow Games will take place in Rosemont, IL from August 10-13th.

Thursday, August 10

  • Check-In - All Day (Stadium)

Friday, August 11th 

  • 8:30 am - 9:00 am - Check-in & Warmups (Community Parks)
  • 9:00 - 11:30 am - Team Workouts (Stadium & Community Parks)
  • 11:30 am - 12:30 pm - Lunch (at team workouts)
  • 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm - Games (Stadium & Community Parks)
  • 3:00 pm - Tour of the Dome
  • 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm - Skills Challenge (Stadium)

Saturday, August 12th 

  • 8:00 am - 9:00 am - Check-in & Warmups (Stadium & Community Parks)
  • 9:00 am - 11:30 am - Games (Stadium & Community Parks)
  • 11:30 am - Tour of the Dome
  • 1:30 pm & 4:00 pm - Athletes Unlimited Games (Stadium)

Sunday, August 13th 

  • 8:00 am - 9:00 am - Check-in & Warmups (Stadium & Community Parks)
  • 9:00 am - Games (Stadium & Community Parks)
  • 12:00 pm - Stars of Tomorrow Awards Ceremony (Stadium)
  • 3:30 pm & 6:00 pm - Athletes Unlimited Games (Stadium)

**Please note this is an overall event itinerary and teams participating should follow their exact game schedule given.

Coming soon!

Please note all players and families must book their lodging through the above link to ensure you are accounted for and all set to attend the Stars of Tomorrow games.

If you happen to be a local player and not in need of event lodging, then let us know and we will mark you as local on our end!

Please contact Traveling Teams if you need assistance with any of your lodging needs or questions.


Please contact Corey Morgan with any questions.


Corey Morgan



  • The Alliance Fastpitch Stars of Tomorrow Series is a data-driven player identification and development program for freshmen, sophomores and juniors.
  • The Series consists of Player I.D. Combines and Stars of Tomorrow Top 60 Games
  • Player I.D. Combines provide athletes with their individual ball flight data, athletic measurements, composite cognition and vision scores, plus a scouting score and evaluations. Athletes will receive an individual Analzyer Report powered by Softball Cloud that feature their individual scores and how those scores compare to Combine averages.
  • Athletes will have the opportunity to dive deeper into their scores and reports as well as individual training programs after the combines.
  • The Combines also serve as qualifiers to the Stars of Tomorrow Top 60 Games. Athletes must be attend a combine to be eligible for the Games.
  • Stars of Tomorrow Top 60 Games is a culminating All-Star event in August. The top 60 athletes in each grad class - 2024, 2025 & 2026 - will earn an invitation based on their Alliance Player Rating and primary position.



The Alliance Fastpitch is committed to player development and providing our athletes with access to the top programming and resources in the sport. The Stars of Tomorrow Series is the next evolution of our Player Identification and Development Program. This Series introduces the most intuitive in-game data capture, ball flight data, and cognitive assessments in the game. The same data colleges are getting on their athletes!

Data-driven training is important for the development of our athletes. We are capturing the most accurate and reliable data through Player I.D. Combines. The data and scores can help athletes better understand their own data DNA. Our leaderboards will allow athletes to compare their data against their peers and age-specific benchmarks.

We are working with our partners to help players use their data to train smarter based on their Individual scores! Learn your own strengths and weaknesses, and how to train those areas. 

Our framework for Player Identification and Development includes:

        (1) IDENTIFY individual data DNA

        (2) EVALUATE athletes on their technical skills

        (3) ANALYZE how individual data compares to group baselines & benchmarks

        (4) TRAIN based on your individual assessments and goals



The data collected at our Stars of Tomorrow Series will better inform our athletes on their training and recruiting. The data collected will better inform college coaches in their recruiting evaluations. Now college coaches will have data on players before they watch.

Collecting data on youth players across the country is going to enhance our overall understanding of data and standards in softball. 

What will players receive at each Player I.D. Combine?

Each Player ID Combine will be formatted the same way. Athletes will go through all of the testing and evaluations based on their primary position.

Each combine will consist of fielding evaluations, bullpen session for pitchers and catchers, and hitting evaluations on field. All combines will feature testing stations for cognitive evaluation by S2 Cognition, vision evaluation by Vizual Edge, and athletic measurements. Athletic measurements include 10/20/40 yard splits, 5x10x5 agility shuttle, broad jump, grip strength, and overhand velocity.

Swing Analysis will be based on ball flight data captured by Yakkertech. Hitters will be hitting off a pitching machine to capture ball flight data.

Pitching Analysis will be based on ball flight data captured by Rapsodo.


Individualized Training

Players will receive individualized data-driven evaluations that will provide specific assessments on how to train more efficiently and improve particular skills. All athletes will receive valuable feedback on their performance, how that compares, and most importantly, how to improve on their individual skillset.

Objective Measurables

Athletes will receive composite scores on Cognition, Vision, Average Scout Score and their overall Power Score.  Objective measurements ball flight data, pitching data, and all athletic measurements. Results will be delivered to every athlete via Prospect Wire’s Analyzer Report powered by SoftballCloud.

Subjective Scouting

Professional scouts will evaluate athlete's fielding, hitting, and pitching in support of the objective data. Athlete's will receive an average Scout Score in their Analyzer Report at the conclusion of the combine. Full scouting reports will be available for purchase after the combines.


Athletes will be able to assess where they rank in the various objective measures compared to their peers at all Player ID Combines. We will post Leaderboards at the conclusion of each combine highlight the top performers and their scores in each of our objective tests.


The overall Stars of Tomorrow Power Score is a weighted composite score from the data captured and scout evaluations from the Player ID Combine. The top 60 athletes from each class will earn an invite to the Games based on their Power Score, scout evaluation, and primary position.

S2s CORE HITTER SKILLS - Softtball (1)

All combine participants can purchase their full S2 report by clicking below

patty gasso testimonial
UT Softball Testimonial

Learn more about s2 cognition and why you need the full report

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Learn more about Vizual Edge & Understanding your Score


Stars of Tomorrow athletes complete Vizual Edge’s online visual and cognitive skills assessment in approximately 15 minutes, measuring skills such as tracking, recognition, depth perception and more. This is the same baseline test Major League Baseball teams have used for scouting for nearly 20 years. Vizual Edge is now a standard in the softball community with Team USA, Athletes Unlimited, NCAA programs and thousands of youth players learning the important role vision plays in softball. All combine players receive their scores and a PDF report with percentile ranks and comparisons to Vizual Edge’s youth softball database.


The Edge Score is a composite score out of 100 that takes the core-six visual skills into account, providing athletes, parents, coaches, and scouts with a benchmark number for assessing an athlete’s overall visual ability. Generally, the higher the Edge Score, the greater potential for athletic success. Youth players typically score in the high 60s, low 70s, with NCAA & Pro players scoring in the high 70s and 80s, respectively. Just like any other part of your game, your vision is trainable, and so can your scores! All SOT players have the opportunity to train their vision right from home in as little as 15 minutes, all on your own device!

What College Coaches Are Saying


How will players qualify for the Stars of Tomorrow Top 60 Games?

Players will receive an overall Stars of Tomorrow Power Score following the combine. This weighted composite score is based on their cognition score, vision score, athletic measurements, swing analysis, and scout score. Pitchers will receive their own Power Score that will include their pitching analysis.

The top 60 athletes in each class will be invited to the Stars of Tomorrow Top 60 Games to be hosted in the Chicago metro area in August. OnDeck Softball will oversee the selection process at the conclusion of ALL combines. Athletes will be selected based on their Power Scores, scout analysis, and according to their primary position.

The exact dates will be within the NCAA recruiting window and after the Alliance Fastpitch Championship Series (AFCS).

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Prospect wire fastpitch

Player ID Combine Schedule

Date Location/Time Registration Leaderboards
November 11, 2022 Texas A&M University Registration Closed View Stars of Tomorrow Leaderboards
December 22, 2022 Texas A&M University (9am-2pm) Registration Closed View Stars of Tomorrow Leaderboards
January 20, 2023 Des Plaines, IL (3pm-8pm) Registration Closed View Stars of Tomorrow Leaderboards
February 5, 2023 Long Beach, CA - Camp 1 (7am-12pm) Registration Closed View Stars of Tomorrow Leaderboards
February 5, 2023 Long Beach, CA - Camp 2 (12pm-4pm) Registration Closed View Stars of Tomorrow Leaderboards
June 19, 2023 Norman, OK (4pm - 8pm) Registration Closed View Stars of Tomorrow Leaderboards
June 27 , 2023 Denver, CO (MSU Denver ) - Camp 1 (2-6pm) Registration Closed View Stars of Tomorrow Leaderboards
June 28, 2023 Denver, CO (MSU Denver) - Camp 2 (8am-12pm) Registration Closed View Stars of Tomorrow Leaderboards

All participants must be registered with the Alliance Fastpitch for the 2023 Season. Please have your Alliance Member ID when registering. Your Alliance Member ID can be found in your registration confirmation from Need help? Email

*Only 100 spots available for each combine