Olivia Rogers named HFL February Spotlight Athlete


The Alliance Fastpitch and the Heart of America Fastpitch League (HFL) are pleased to announce Olivia Rogers as the HFL February Spotlight Athlete. Rogers is a 2023 outfielder on Diamond Club Premier 22/23 White.

Team: Diamond Club Premier 22/23 White
Pos: OF
Division: 18U

Softball Story (How did you get started?) – Tell us about you:
“I started playing softball when I was 7 years old, and I started my competitive softball journey at 9 years old,” she said. “I currently play in the outfield. I’ve tried every position and the outfield just clicked for me. The outfield works well with my unique abilities of speed and the ability to track the ball, making it the perfect fit for me. I have been playing in the outfield ever since. When I was 12, I was switched to batting on the left side and began my slapping career. This opened up a whole new offensive side to my batting. I love the unpredictability a slapper brings to the field, and enjoy reading the defense. My goal with my softball career is to play in college and major in criminology. I have made many meaningful connections with my teammates and coaches over the years. Softball had always been a key factor in my life. It has given me a passion and many friends along the way.”

Favorite Softball memory:
“My favorite memory is when my team and I were playing in the Colorado Sparkler. Earlier that morning, my mom had jokingly made a bet that if I hit a home run that she would get me a puppy. Unbeknownst to her, I would go into my third at-bat of the first game and slap my first in the park home-run. The ball ended up in the left-field corner, soaring over the left fielder’s head. My mom held up her end of the bargain and I got a golden-doodle puppy named Maggie. I truly will never forget my first ever home-run.”

Coaches feedback:
“Liv is an incredible athlete who has the ability to change the game both offensively and defensively,” said head coach Jason Walker. “She has so many tools at the plate, she is hard to shut down. In the outfield, she covers so much of our outfield that she can single-handedly keep us in games. The best part of her game however is her TEAM first approach, her work ethic, and her great attitude. She is an example and leader to our team. She truly is the quintessential DC girl.”

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