Marucci & Alliance Fastpitch Partner to Elevate Summer Series

BYJess Caron

A shared ‘athlete first’ mentality has paved the way for a partnership between Marucci Sports and Alliance Fastpitch, kicking off during the inaugural Collegiate Summer Series and extending throughout the year. As Team Alliance’s Official Equipment Provider and a proud sponsor of the 2022 Collegiate Summer Series, Marucci will be on-site at the second stop of Alliance Fastpitch’s CSS in Chattanooga, TN from June 22-26, 2022.  Additionally, Marucci has provided Team Alliance athletes with equipment for the Summer Series including bags, batting gloves, grips, and their latest, unreleased fastpitch bats to use in games.


The Alliance Fastpitch is a national co-opetition of fastpitch teams and stakeholders working together to grow fastpitch, at all levels. Their Collegiate Summer Series is a five-week event series that activates at the largest youth summer tournaments for an exhibition game, providing a competitive platform for the top college athletes to come together and opportunities to interact with the next generation of young talent.


“I am really excited about this partnership with Marucci and appreciate the shared vision we both have in the athlete experience,” said Jami Lobpries, CEO of Alliance Fastpitch. “Marucci is a strong brand in the diamond sport space, and I’m really excited about the commitment and investment Marucci is making in fastpitch. We look forward to working with Marucci throughout the year and providing Alliance Members with exclusive access and discounts to Marucci equipment and resources. We also have some fun activations planned at our National events this summer.”


With valuable feedback from professional athletes and elite travel ball organizations, Marucci provides the tools athletes want and need to be successful. Partnering with a league who values collaboration and competition is an opportunity to further athletes’ visibility and positively impact the future of fastpitch.


Allison Parsell, Marucci’s Director of Fastpitch states, “we are dedicated to supporting the Alliance Fastpitch model and continuing to foster athlete-centric decision making. Through providing equipment for athletes and supporting on-site activations at Alliance events this summer, we are excited to not only help grow the game but do so in union with the nation’s best players.”

In addition to becoming the Official Equipment Provider for Team Alliance, Marucci is extending exclusive access and discounts for Alliance Members to purchase products through their Locker Room platform. Alliance Members will receive discount codes and access to the Marucci Locker Room to purchase equipment throughout the year. To access the Marucci Locker Room, Alliance Members will receive a link to the online platform or will be provided access through their Membership ID.


About The Alliance Fastpitch

Alliance Fastpitch represents the voice of the team and puts the athlete first in our decision making.  Rivals and competitors cooperate as business partners to achieve the same goals, challenge current trends, and create more equality. The result is a united effort to put the athlete first and a regionalized play structure and community.


About Marucci Sports

Founded in 2009, Marucci Sports is a leading manufacturer and distributor of baseball and fastpitch equipment, headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Marucci’s product portfolio includes wood and metal bats, fielding gloves, batting gloves, apparel, bags, accessories and protective gear. Marucci is represented in fastpitch by Haley Cruse, Courtney Gano and numerous elite travel fastpitch organizations across the country.

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