Allie Cervola Named NEFL Player of the Month for November

BYJess Caron

The Alliance Fastpitch is honored to recognize Allie Cervola (2025) from the Northeast Fastpitch League (NEFL) as Player of the Month for her impressive November performance. Allie is a shortstop for Team Pennsylvania Hall. This month at the plate, Cervola batted a stellar 0.588 with 4 runs batted in, 3 doubles, 2 triples, and a homerun to top it off.


Allie Cervola, a dedicated and passionate softball player, found her way to the sport driven by a love for its competitiveness and the sheer joy it brought her. Yet, what truly sets her softball journey apart is the people she has encountered along the way, forming bonds and connections that have become the heartbeat of her love for the game.


Reflecting on her journey, Allie treasures two standout moments. The first, winning nationals in 12u alongside her best friends, created memories that transcend the game itself. The friendship and shared victories with close teammates left an unforgettable mark on her softball experience. The second highlight, securing the WPIAL championship with her high school team, stands as a testament to her prowess on the field and the collaborative attitude that defines her approach to the game.


When asked about her favorite softball player, Allie playfully defies choosing one, highlighting the difficulty in picking from a pool of inspiring athletes. This encapsulates the admiration and respect she holds for the diverse talents within the softball community.


Beyond the softball diamond, Allie showcases her athleticism by engaging in basketball and volleyball when not on the softball field. Embracing the thrill of winter, she enjoys hitting the slopes for skiing adventures.


Looking forward, Allie sets a crucial goal for herself—to master the art of time management. Balancing the demands of being a Division I athlete while excelling in academics requires finesse, and this goal reflects her commitment to not only athletic success but also academic excellence.


Allie Cervola’s softball journey is not just about the game but the profound connections and memories she has built along the way. As she navigates the challenges of being a student-athlete, her commitment to managing time effectively underscores her dedication to success both on and off the field.


After graduating, Cervola will move on to play Division I softball at Ohio University in Athens County, Ohio.


What is the Alliance Fastpitch Player Recognition Program?

The Player Recognition Program was built to recognize and spotlight our individual players in each Member League. Each month, registered Alliance Fastpitch coaches can nominate a player from their age division. League Leadership will review nominations and a monthly stats report from AthletesGoLive (AGL) to determine the League’s Player of the Month.

Following the announcement of each League’s Players of the Month, the Alliance Fastpitch will recognize a National Player of the Month. To be considered for Player of the Month, your team must score League games in AGL so your stats will be included in the League’s monthly report.


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