RMFL Preview: March 26-28


RMFL Preview: March 26-28

By: Arielle Gordon 

It’s going to be a busy weekend in the Rocky Mountain Fastpitch League! We have two events this weekend, with a combined 11 RMFL teams participating. 


St. Patty’s Blast

Where: Clinton, Utah 

When: March 26 and 27

Who: 12U and 14U


“It is full of tough competition so it should be an exciting tournament,” Mountain West head coach Tiffani Jackson said.


Every team in the St. Patty’s Blast will play at least four games this weekend. 


RMFL teams to watch: 

  • Mountain West
  • Nation Softball 14U
  • USA Athletics Turner
  • Utah Avalanche-Sky
  • Utah Freakz 06
  • Utah Freakz 07


The Decker Sports Invitational

Where: Grand Island, Nebraska 

When: March 27 and 28

Who: 16U and 18U


RMFL teams to watch: 

  • Colorado Hype 18A-Watts
  • Firecrackers Gale-Bricker 18U Gold 
  • Colorado Bombers 16U Gold 
  • Firecrackers-Gale/Vollmar
  • Prodigy Easton-Baeza


“It is a smaller invite tournament, just so we can keep the competition level up,” organizer Pat Racanelli said. There will be nine 16U teams and fourteen 18U teams competing this weekend. 


The tournament will feature four games of pool play before entering into a single-elimination playoff. All games will be 90 minutes long. 


Click here for the 16U schedule and here for the 18U schedule. 



  • The top teams from each state and age group will be invited to participate in the RMFL Super Regionals in June. Every game counts! All RMFL Alliance Fastpitch Championship Series berths will be awarded at the conclusion of Super Regionals. 
  • Score your games using AthletesGoLive(AGL)! Alliance Player Recognition awards are based on your player’s AGL statistic reports. 


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