RMFL Preview: The Foothills Challenge


RMFL Preview: The Foothills Challenge

By: Arielle Gordon 


The Rocky Mountain Fastpitch League action is heading to Boulder, CO this weekend! The USA Softball Foothills Challenge will feature 22 RMFL teams over two days. 


Where: Gerald Stazio softball fields; Boulder, CO 

When: April 24 and 25 

Who: 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U 

At Stake: RMFL points. Your team’s points will influence seeding for the Super Regionals tournament in June. 

Format: This tournament is a round-robin. Each team is guaranteed to play six games over the two days. 


RMFL Teams to Watch: 


  • Colorado Batbusters – Todd Reed
  • Colorado Batbusters – Meegan Trombley
  • Prodigy Easton Hawkey – Noel Travis


  • Colorado Bombers – Dunning – Jeffrey Dunning
  • Colorado Bombers – Robberson – Heath Robberson
  • Colorado Styxx 14A – Cindy Schmidt


  • Colorado Batbusters 06 – Chad Burgess
  • Colorado Bombers – Washco – Terra Washco
  • Colorado Bombers 16Gold – Troy Robberson
  • Colorado Styxx 16A – Ron Dentino
  • Firecrackers – Gale/Vollmar – Kristin Vollmar
  • Prodigy Acree – Jayte Acree
  • Prodigy-Easton 16A (Baeza) – John Baeza


  • Colorado Batbusters Cardona – Al Cardona
  • Colorado Batbusters Smith – Joe Smith
  • Colorado Hype – Watts – Sierra Watts
  • Colorado Styxx – Craig – Dane Craig
  • Colorado Styxx 18 Gold – Pablo Severtson
  • Colorado Styxx 18A – Dave Rodriguez
  • EC Coyotes 18U – Jon Hayes
  • Firecrackers-Gale/Bricker – Scott Bricker
  • TC Colorado 16 Gold – Matt Robbins


Click here for the pool schedule. For more information about the tournament, click here.  



  • The top teams from each state and age group are invited to participate in the RMFL Super Regionals in June. Every game counts! All RMFL Alliance Fastpitch Championship Series berths will be awarded at the conclusion of Super Regionals. 
  • Score your games using AthletesGoLive(AGL)! Alliance Player Recognition awards are based on your players AGL statistic reports. 


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