Johanna Galvan Named RMFL Player of the Month for March

BYJess Caron

The Alliance Fastpitch proudly announces Johanna Galvan (2027) from the Rocky Mountain Fastpitch League (RMFL) as Player of the Month for her remarkable play in March 2024. Johanna Galvan, a versatile player for Colorado Softball Academy 18Gold, excels in multiple positions—pitcher. Her March stats include a .667 batting average, a .692 OBP, 5 singles, 1 double, 2 home runs, and 9 RBIs. Through 6.3 innings pitched, she had 10 strikeouts..


Johanna Galvan’s softball journey commenced amidst the backdrop of family games and the inspiration drawn from her father’s and brother’s involvement in baseball. Starting with t-ball at the age of five and progressing to competitive softball and pitching by age eight, Johanna found a profound love for the sport early on. She cherished the camaraderie with teammates, viewing them as an extension of her family, and relished the opportunity to travel across the United States, creating enduring memories with each trip. Influenced by her brother’s collegiate baseball career and inspired by former University of Arizona pitcher Shelby Babcock, Johanna embraced the competitive spirit of softball, constantly striving to improve her game and maintain mental resilience on the mound.


Among Johanna’s most treasured softball memories was winning the Colorado 3A State tournament during her high school season, a moment made unforgettable by the camaraderie shared with her teammates, friends, and family.


Rachel Garcia stood out as Johanna’s favorite player, admired for her unwavering drive and mentality on the field, as well as her inspirational speeches. Beyond softball, Johanna finds joy in crafting, spending time with friends, working out, and indulging in shopping excursions.


With a focus on academic excellence in high school, Johanna aims to reach a pitching speed of 68 mph by December and pursue a college degree while continuing to play softball at the collegiate level. Her long-term aspirations include becoming a pitching coach, offering her expertise to future generations of players and giving back to the sport she holds dear. Recognized as Player of the Month by the Alliance Fastpitch, Johanna Galvan’s dedication to personal and athletic growth is celebrated within the softball community.


What is the Alliance Fastpitch Player Recognition Program?

The Player Recognition Program was built to recognize and spotlight our individual players in each Member League. Each month, registered Alliance Fastpitch coaches can nominate a player from their age division. League Leadership will review nominations and a monthly stats report from AthletesGoLive (AGL) to determine the League’s Player of the Month.

Following the announcement of each League’s Players of the Month, the Alliance Fastpitch will recognize a National Player of the Month. To be considered for Player of the Month, your team must score League games in AGL so your stats will be included in the League’s monthly report.

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