HFL Spring Kickoff Preview in Columbia, MO



HFL Spring Kickoff Event Preview
By Carson Staponski

Warmer weather means breaking out the spikes and getting back on the dirt! Next weekend, March 19th-21st, the HFL is hosting the Spring Kickoff in Columbia, MO. This is the biggest tournament the HFL has hosted so far this year, and teams of all ages will be in attendance!

One of the teams in attendance happens to be my former competitive team, Originals KC, coached by Scott Niemeyer. This organization has always been notorious for pushing their players to the best of their abilities and helping them reach the next level. “This team is extremely driven to compete at the highest level and will put up a battle for anyone lined up across the diamond,” says Niemeyer.

“Something that drew me to this team was seeing the girls that came from this team before me and how well they were coached and how they are succeeding now,” says Kelbi Meisenhiemer, a standout 2nd basemen and outfielder for the O’s. This organization has always been bonded tightly, and this team exemplifies that notion: “It means a lot to me to be a part of the team where all the girls are so close and have so much fun playing together.”

Players of this team all share the same goal; they work hard, work together, and have fun doing it. “In the future, I see this team staying close and being friends for a long time,” says pitcher and shortstop, Avery Huffman. This seemed to be a common theme throughout all the players’ minds. BriLeigh Simms, 3rd baseman and catcher, also mentioned it when asked about the future of the team. Meisenhiemer mentioned too, that she wanted to stay in contact with all her teammates.

Coach Niemeyer is proud of his players for their hard work and exemplifies a team-first mindset for all his players. “To say anyone is different or chosen for a reason, is not what has made this team what they are. It has always been a team first attitude, and always fully supports your family mentality,” says Niemeyer.

Good luck to the Originals this weekend in Columbia!


Another team to highlight for this weekend’s upcoming competition is the 04’ Texas Glory Missouri team. Head coach, Elizabeth Bostick, has years of experience, and her coaching style goes to show for it. Her team is built of competitive, strong young women who put the team first, always. “We are a family, uniquely different, each with their own strengths and weaknesses that come together and play softball because we truly love it,” says Bostick.

Catcher, Emilee Farnan says she feels this aspect on and off the field. “This team is more of a family, I can count on anyone to be there for me and pick me up when I need it. When I agreed to play for the team I didn’t know how truly special it would be and how much I’d grow as a person and a player.”

“We all understand that having a connection on the field is an important factor in succeeding,” says middle infielder, Sophie Angel. “Everyone has the right mentality and are very determined when talking about the future and the next level which indicates that we will achieve our goals.”

Teams with shared goals frequently find success, and this team has had their fair share. Pitcher, Olivia Wood, predicts many more championship victories in the Glory’s future. Wood says switching to this team has been “one of the best choices [she has] ever made.”

Abby Vosen, 3rd baseman and catcher, also saw big championships in their future, but she says what really sets this team apart is everyone’s work ethic; “I have to work for my spot…you have to work for everything.”

We hope all their hard work pays off, especially this weekend in Columbia! Good luck to Coach Bostick and the ‘04 Texas Glory Missouri team; we can’t wait to see everyone in action!