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Putting the Athlete at the Forefront

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The Alliance Fastpitch was built on the foundation of putting the athlete at the forefront of what we do. Thus, it’s important to us for the player to have a voice and oversight! That’s why we have created the Player Advisory Committee (PAC) to have an active voice in the Alliance Fastpitch. 


Starting in the Spring of 2023, the Alliance Fastpitch will empower our members to lead and speak on behalf of all Alliance athlete members. The PAC will be led by high school juniors and seniors who are members of the Alliance Fastpitch. 

What Is The PAC?

The player advisory committee (PAC) is made up of 16U and 18U youth fastpitch players assembled to provide insight on the youth athlete experience. The PAC offers input on all policies, rules, programming, and membership benefits that affect Alliance athletes’ lives on and off the field. Currently, the Alliance Fastpitch PAC will serve the national level with a vision to expand regionally and locally to our Member Leagues and Member Organizations. 


The PAC will be composed of high school junior and senior female athletes from across the Alliance Fastpitch with the only requirement being they are a registered Alliance Member.

More About the PAC

Meet The PAC

20220717_164308000_iOS - Addison Lund Softball
24978BE6-2DEF-497A-9910-BD0E0315D016 - Avery Shamblin
9BC3EE58-9048-408D-AAC8-65B37EA8D342 - Caroline Glenn
Screen Shot 2023-05-19 at 9.58.37 AM
IMG_2385 - Desiree Morales

Addison Lund

South Carolina Elite National Gleason


Appleton, WI

Avery Shamblin

Fury Platinum X Higdon


Cleveland, TN

Caroline Glenn

Iowa Premier National Dickel


New Virginia, IA

DeeDee Baldwin

Texas Bombers Gold 18U


New Braunfels, TX

Desiree Morales

Firecrackers Medina Schneider


Fontana, CA

6C9DCAFA-26AB-4B8E-8299-7B71975895FC - Emily
11329DB0-5D87-4CA7-9B20-44AC799A4178 - Karleigh Kluever
A46E7300-F949-47A8-ADC3-7B99B0A879C8 - kayden mhenry
AF4BA734-BA2D-4D72-8767-5F136AD6736F - Maddie Hobby

Emily Wyzykowski

Jersey Outlaws Gold DB/Skelly


Westampton, NJ

Karleigh Kluever

South Bay Mizuno Diamond Girls


Kaukauna, WI

Kayden Henry

Texas Bombers Gold Smith


Texas City, TX

Kendle White

Louisville Lady Sluggers Huecker


Bowling Green, KY

Maddie Hobby

East Cobb Bullets Bilz


Marietta, GA

F01BCB24-22FE-46D5-8FA9-03BDBAF00D8B - Madison Ecker
IMG_5442 (1) - Megan Davies
9F992625-A57D-4470-B7CF-BCB0039A3239 - Peyton Heisler
Screen Shot 2023-05-19 at 11.38.34 AM
DSC_3224-Edit - Sydney Gilbert

Madison Ecker

Illinois Force National


Shiloh, IL

IMG_4756 - Teagan Kavan

Tagan Kava

Iowa Premier National Dickel


West Des Moines, IA

Megan Davies

VA Glory Willemssen


Brambleton, VA

maybe 3 - Zoe levine

Zoe Levine

Extreme Elite National


Riverside, IL

Peyton Heisler

Team Pennsylvania Hall


Greensburg, PA

Rachel Quinnelly

East Cobb Bullets Bilz


Peachtree Corners, GA

Sydney Gilbert

Iowa Premier Gold National Shraiberg


Chicago, IL

Application Period is closed

How To Apply: 

Athletes can be nominated by their coach


Athletes can simply fill out the Application From for consideration

*Check back in next season for application dates