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Dear Softball Player, Parent, Or Coach,

If you’d like a chance to be rewarded for your play on the field, get access to the best resources and fastpitch community, and simplify your travel ball experience….  

Join the movement that is transforming the sport of Fastpitch Softball…it’s important for us to all work together!


Here’s the story:


We’re The Alliance Fastpitch. 


A National League System for amateur fastpitch built to provide purposeful play on the field and bring value to athletes, coaches and families off the field….


The Alliance Fastpitch provides a clear pathway for teams in regional leagues to ascend to a national level of play, via regular season League Play with a unified point system, Cup Series, League Championships and National Championships!

And that’s just for starters…


By joining The Alliance, teams, athletes, and coaches also receive annual benefits, discounts, and access exclusive to our membership. And we recognize players for their achievements year round! 


The idea began with a simple question…


What if we worked together to provide more access and equal opportunities for all teams and participants?

During COVID, we saw a lot of regional leagues pop up, and efforts being made to galvanize the sport at the local and regional level.

And we thought, where is this going?


The answer?


We believe this is the beginning of a new era of cooperation in our sport.


The Alliance was created to connect the various regional leagues together under one umbrella known as the Alliance Fastpitch, and provide a clear way to a National Championship and a clear ‘why’ — the athlete. 


Our mission is to make this journey easier for softball families by….

  • Providing a clear pathway to play through our League Schedules
  • Providing equal opportunities for teams to EARN a berth to Nationals
  • Providing access to resources and deals you won’t get anywhere else
  • Providing a community to collaborate with, to learn from, and to support. 


We want the Alliance Fastpitch to be your ONE stop. Start your season and end your season with the Alliance Fastpitch! The Alliance Fastpitch league structure provides teams a clear pathway to play…and provides individuals with the most trusted resources and community in our game! 


If you’re a coach, player, or parent who wants to take your game to the next level, and make the sport more cohesive, competitive and more fun for our players…join us! 


Here are just a FEW reasons to join today…


Membership Has Its “Perks” 😎


  • Athlete and Coach Profiles with season long stats and awards. All of your annual stats, awards, and game results are automatically uploaded into your Profile on the Alliance website!


  • Increase purpose and meaning for teams and players (Athletes want something to play for…like our Player of the Month Program, Meaningful Games, League and National leaderboards, and National Championship berths they earn!)


  • Coaches: Tap into The Alliance’s Fastpitch Community & National Network! (Get your seat at the table with the key influencers in the sport. Let your voice be heard, its important!)


  • Improve your game with exclusive member-only content and training (Includes behind-the-scenes access to some of the best resources for player development and recruiting available today)


  • The chance to earn a berth to the Alliance Fastpitch Championship Series! (The AFCS is designed to mimic the NCAA Post Season and name a National Champion at each age level)


  • Find nearby tournaments in just a few clicks with our simple League Schedules (Your easy one-stop-shop for local tournament listings in your region. We include events from any association or operator who meets the minimum event standards. Your athletes deserve to play in meaningful events!)


  • Monthly & Annual Player Recognition (Includes National & League Player Of The Month Awards, All Tournament Teams, Stars of Tomorrow, All-Star recognition and more!)


  • Participant insurance through Players Health (Accepted at most tournaments within League Schedules…includes background screening and training for registered coaches!)


  • 50% discount on NCSA Team Edition & NCSA recruiting services (Save $$$, save time and boost your odds of being recruited!)


  • Exclusive discounts on all of your softball equipment, apparel, & footwear needs from Alliance Partners (Includes Under Armor, Marucci, Wilson, Bownet, Easton & Rawlings, and more!)


  • Affordable access to tools used by college and pro teams to train and develop their players! (With exclusive discounts to athlete/coach training technologies such as High Level Throwing, Vizual Edge, S2 Cognition, Always Grind, Pocket Radar, and more!)


  • Exclusive access & discounts to instruction and training platforms such as Versus (The Alliance prides itself on delivering the top brands, programs, and resources to our members!)


  • And much more!


That’s just a taste of what you can expect when joining The Alliance as an athlete or coach.


You’ll get year-round educational resources, engagement opportunities, and a true National Championship Series you have to EARN to play in.


Unity. Purposeful Play. Access For All.

Simplify Your Journey In Softball!


Here’s how membership works:

To get started, the head coach of a team must register themselves as a Coach with the Alliance Fastpitch, then register the team with an Alliance Member League. 


Head Coaches can then invite their athletes & assistant coaches to Join the Alliance.


Memberships are as follows:

Background Check Included


$ 60 / annually
  • Access to a community of over 2,000+ coaches
  • Participant Insurance - Players Health
  • Coach profile on Alliance website with records, history and awards
  • Coach Abuse & Prevention Training (SafeSport)
  • Coach Mental Health Awareness Training
  • Coach Concussion Training
  • Coach Background Screening
  • Early access & Discounts to Alliance Events
  • Access & Discounts to Alliance Partners
  • Player/Team/Coach Recognition Program
  • Exclusive discounts on Bownet balls, buckets and equipment
  • High Level Throwing free arm care PDF + discounts on products & remote training program
  • Always Grind Notebooks & Training Products (up to 35% off)
  • Pocket Radar Smart Coach + Training Bundle (up to 30% off)
  • Club & Team Management Platform - Team management and administrative platform (50% off until August 31st)
  • Exclusive discounted pricing on Seqnzr products
  • Exclusive discounts on Marucci equipment on Alliance x Marucci Store
Insurance Included


$ 50 / annually
  • 12U Athletes - $35 / 10U Athletes - $25
  • Athlete profile on Alliance website with season stats, awards & tournament results
  • Participant Insurance - Players Health
  • Early access & Discounts to Alliance Events
  • Player Recognition Program & Individual Awards
  • Exclusive Discount with AthletesGoLive Streaming and Scoring App - including the Premier Pass
  • Exclusive discounts of NCSA recruiting services and products (50% off)
  • Free vision evaluation & EDGE score, plus discounted pricing on training programs
  • High Level Throwing free arm care PDF + discounts on products & remote training program
  • Always Grind Notebooks & Training Products (up to 35% off)
  • Pocket Radar Smart Coach + Training Bundle (up to 30% off)
  • Exclusive discounts on Marucci equipment on Alliance x Marucci Store
  • Access to pilot programs, product testing and off field competitions
  • Access to monthly webinar series focused on education for athletes and parents. Speakers will present on both on the field and off the field topics to empower and equip our members
  • Exclusive access to virtual events (skills, recruiting, mental training, personal branding, etc.)
  • Membership in ALFA to support current, past and future players


$ 200 / annually
  • 10U/12U - $100
  • Recognition at local and national level with team stats and standings included in Alliance Rating System
  • Statistics included in Alliance Rating System (Team) and Player Recognition Program (Player)
  • AthletesGoLive Discounted Team Subscription (includes a New AGL Version3 5G Military Grade Camera)
  • AthletesGoLive Fan Pass Discounts
  • AFCS Qualification & opportunity to earn berth to the AFCS and regional events
  • Overall League operations, structure and dedicated team support
  • Member League special events and training
  • Exclusive Free Offers and Discounts
  • 50% Discount on NCSA Team Edition
  • Apparel and footwear discounts with Under Armour
  • Team Discounts on Vizual Edge Training Programs + Free Evaluations
  • Exclusive discounts to Bownet balls, buckets and team equipment
  • Discounted pricing on iSportz Club & Athlete Management Platform

Have a question? Email us at

member Benefits

Annual access to the Alliance Fastpitch Community & Network!

Opportunity to earn a berth to the AFCS

Monthly & Annual Player and Coach Recognition

Participant insurance through Players Health

50% discount of NCSA Team Edition & NCSA recruiting services

Exclusive discounts on equipment, apparel, & footwear from Alliance Partners

Exclusive discounts to athlete/coach resources such as High Level Throwing, Vizual Edge, Always Grind and Pocket Radar

Exclusive access & discounts to instruction and training platforms such as Versus

Become A Member

Join a national network of coaches and athletes and get access to year-round educational resources, engagement opportunities and a true, competitive National Championship Series earned by YOU!