Alliance Fastpitch Announces Official Partnership with Seqnzr

BYJess Caron

PORTLAND, OR – SEQNZR, a data driven analytics platform, has entered into a partnership with The Alliance Fastpitch, the fast-growing, national organization unifying the sport of fastpitch softball with a player-first approach to adding value, purpose, recognition and top-level championship play.

“I am excited about the partnership with SEQNZR as this aligns with our vision to become the trusted resource in education for fastpitch coaches, athletes, and parents,” said Alliance Executive Director Jami Lobpries. “SEQNZR is a tool for our coaches that utilizes data to assist with in-game strategy. Our game is moving to data-driven decisions at all levels of play and we’re excited to bring this to our Alliance coaches and to work with SEQNZR on educating all Alliance members about game strategy.”

Founded in 2020, The Alliance Fastpitch has quickly grown to over 1000 teams, and 11,000 members connecting top programs and teams nationwide through six regional Member Leagues including the Pacific Coast Fastpitch League, Heart of America Fastpitch League, Northeast Fastpitch League, Rocky Mountain Fastpitch League, Southeastern Fastpitch League and Texas Fastpitch League.


SEQNZR is an affordable analytics capability that enables baseball and softball coaches ranging from Professional, to Collegiate, to the competitive youth coach to take a data-driven approach to strategy. SEQNZR created a similar algorithm to what most MLB teams use in-house and made it specific to the sport of softball at the competitive youth level. The algorithm combines detailed play-by-play data with user-input data on hitters and simulates 100,000 games in a matter of seconds, creating more data for use.


The data can be used for Lineup Optimization and in-game strategic decisions, such as when to bunt or steal. It’s the ultimate tool for taking a data-driven approach to offense, scores coaches an extra 0.3 runs per game, and helps players develop their Softball IQ by learning when to be aggressive on the basepaths.


Under terms of the deal, SEQNZR, will work with The Alliance Fastpitch to provide access to a discount code for their proprietary analytics product “SEQNZR” to all teams registered with the Alliance Fastpitch. SEQNZR software will be available to registered Alliance members at a premium and basic subscription level for 25% off through July 31, 2022.


“We’re incredibly excited about the opportunity to partner with Alliance Fastpitch. The organization is filled with leaders in the softball world that care deeply about the future of the sport and its continual growth. We can’t wait to facilitate conversations around how to leverage new-age data and analytics that support old-school concepts,” said SEQNZR co-founder Brian McAfee.



SEQNZR launched in the 2021 season and served over 100 teams including over 50% of the NFCA Top-25. In addition, they were featured in SportTechie and won the MIT Start-Up Competition. Over the past few months, the app has integrated data exports from AthletesGoLive to make it a seamless process for coaches to upload their players’ data. The SEQNZR team prides themselves on making the platform easy to use and the analytics easy to understand.


About The Alliance Fastpitch

The Alliance Fastpitch is a cohesive network of regional softball leagues, teams, coaches, athletes and parents. Founded in the Summer of 2020, the Alliance Fastpitch has quickly grown to over 900 teams and over 12,000 individual members which includes coaches and athletes.


Our six regional Member Leagues include the Pacific Coast Fastpitch LeagueHeart of America Fastpitch LeagueNortheast Fastpitch LeagueRocky Mountain Fastpitch LeagueSoutheastern Fastpitch League and Texas Fastpitch League. These regional Member Leagues provide a purpose of play to existing events with a structured point and ranking system, regional League championships, and a true national championship series, the Alliance Fastpitch Championship Series (AFCS).  Berths in championship events must be earned, with every team starting at the same level each season. The Alliance has partnered with the top event providers (USA Softball, USSSA, Triple Crown Sports) to host these events throughout the country.

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