Alliance Fastpitch Announces Partnership with Vizual Edge

BYJami Lobpries

Vision Training To Elevate The Performance of Softball’s Next Generation

Chicago, ILVizual Edge, the leader in sports vision training, announced a new partnership with the Alliance Fastpitch, the fastest growing youth league in fastpitch softball. Vizual Edge will become the official vision evaluation and training partner of The Alliance Fastpitch, bringing affordable, at-home sports vision training to all the athletes of Alliance.

This partnership will connect Alliance Fastpitch athletes with the ability to assess and train their visual processing skills to help improve on-field performance, just as professional athletes have done for many years. “We are excited to work with Vizual Edge and help introduce our athletes and coaches to the importance of vision training,” said Jami Lobpries, Executive Director of the Alliance Fastpitch. “Player development is a central focus of ours and vision training is perhaps the most important piece of an athlete’s development. Vizual Edge offers our athletes an accessible solution to train and learn about the importance of vision training. This partnership will provide our members with access to training, education, and comparison that will elevate their game and development off the field.”

The Alliance Fastpitch is reshaping the landscape of youth softball through defined pathways to Championships, purposeful play including a unified scoring system, and creating a united community amongst its softball membership off the field. “Vizual Edge shares The Alliance’s values in taking a player-centric approach and giving each athlete every tool to succeed,” said Lukas McKnight, Vizual Edge’s Director of Softball. “For the modern athlete, that means incorporating technology into player development and training, and Vizual Edge is thrilled to find a partner in The Alliance that emphasizes technology into their player development offerings.”

The partnership between Vizual Edge and The Alliance Fastpitch will kick off with the introduction of their pilot program, where 12 teams of various age groups will begin their customized vision training programs. “This pilot program fits right into our vision for providing a framework of regional and national engagement and competition on and off the field,” says Lobpries. “Our participants are gaining valuable knowledge about their baseline vision scores, learning how this impacts their game on the field, and are engaging in a fun, competitive-spirit off the field with their peers in other Leagues.”

Vizual Edge will be able to provide each athlete in the Alliance with a free visual assessment and opportunity to train their visual skills from the comfort of their own home with the use of its web-based application, The Edge Trainer. “We’re thrilled to enter the softball space with a rapidly growing group with such strong values and leadership,” says McKnight.


About Vizual Edge: Vizual Edge is the market leader in visual performance assessment and training using its web-based platform, the Edge Trainer. Over the past 15 years, the Vizual Edge team has designed and implemented visual performance programs for Olympic, Professional, and Collegiate teams, as well as individuals across all levels of athletics. The Edge Trainer was developed to train and enhance an individual’s core visual skills, which has been proven to give athletes a competitive advantage through heightened overall vision. For more information on Vizual Edge or for the latest news and event announcements, please visit or @VizualEdge on Social Media.

About The Alliance Fastpitch: The Alliance Fastpitch is a cohesive network of regional softball leagues, teams, coaches, athletes and parents. The Leagues provide a purpose of play to existing events with a structured point and ranking system, regional League championships, and a true national championship series, the Alliance Fastpitch Championship Series (AFCS).  Berths in championship events must be earned, with every team starting at the same level each season. The Alliance has partnered with the top event providers (USSSA, USA Softball, and TCS) to host these events throughout the country. Off the field, the Alliance offers access to top resources and year round connectivity amongst our members.

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