About the NWFL

The Northwest Fast Pitch League:

The Northwest Fastpitch League (NWFL) scheduled to launch in August 2021 following the inaugural season of Alliance Fastpitch and the Alliance Fastpitch Championship Series. The founding members of Alliance Fastpitch including many of the most impactful and innovative leaders and organizations in the softball community established a regional league structure to create an organized system of purposeful play that is inclusive amongst teams and event organizers.

The NWFL leadership is committed to collaborating with fastpitch organizations, event hosts, and community leaders to provide an exciting softball atmosphere that includes great competition and an unparalleled player experience. Our focus is on creating a player-centric league that is specific to the environment and athletes in the Northwest Region.

What Is the NWFL?

The NWFL is a regional league for fastpitch teams in the 10U to 18U age divisions. The NWFL represents five states in the northwest portion of the US including Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho and Montana. Additionally the NWFL territory includes the western Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. Our mission is to bring an enhanced level of play and equal opportunity to all teams and players within the Northwest Fastpitch League territory.

Why the NWFL?

The NWFL gives all teams an opportunity to play against the best in a college preparatory format that has unlimited exposure to college coaches. Each team will play in already established events and earn points for their performance in those events. The summer will conclude with a League championship that all teams qualify for. Our desire is to see all teams prepare their players, parents, and coaches for the collegiate level.

How is the NWFL related to the other leagues?

The NWFL is a Member League of The Alliance Fastpitch. This means that the League Championship and top finishers in AFCS Qualifying Events will earn a berth to The Alliance Fastpitch Championship Series at the Tier I and Tier II divisions. Being a League Team inside of The Alliance Fastpitch means team standings will be calculated at each age division and team and individual stats will be recognized.

Additionally, this means all individual athletes and individual coaches will register as individual members of The Alliance Fastpitch. This membership includes insurance, background checks for coaches, and access to all Membership Benefits.See more about Alliance Memberships.


How do teams score points in the NWFL?

Teams earn points at Alliance endorsed events. Events can be found on our league schedule.

All games MUST be scored using AthletesGoLive (AGL). AGL provides reports about the event - what teams played each other, game scores, and stats. It is VERY important to score all of your games in AGL. If you do not score your games in AGL, they will not be included in our leaderboard calculations. To confirm your Alliance ID has been tied to your AGL account, log into your AGL team account (app or web) and your Alliance ID will be listed on the HOME page. If it is blank, please follow these instructions to register for AGL: Click here

Click here for more detailed information on Points and Standings.

What do my points mean?

Points earned in the NWFL will seed teams into the NWFL League Championship events. These events will award berths to the Alliance Fastpitch Championship Series at each age division and Tier.

How do I join the NWFL?

Register your team with the NWFL for the 2022 Season

All individual athletes and coaches will register with The Alliance Fastpitch

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