Makena Rodgers named NWFL 14U Fall Spotlight Athlete for 2021


The Northwest Fastpitch League (NWFL) is proud to name Makena Rodgers the NWFL’s 14U Fall Spotlight Athlete for 2021. Rodgers hails from Tacoma, WA and competes for Firecrackers Washington. She will graduate in 2027.

Meet Makena:

Q: Tell us a little bit about you and your softball story?
A: Since I was little, those two powdered white lines have been in my life. At first I was only able to see them from a distance while I sat on the bleachers watching my younger 4 siblings play anxiously awaiting my opportunity. I remember knowing every word of every cheer like it was engraved in my mind knowing that I’d one day get my time on the field. Being the youngest of 5 there was always someone to nag until they played catch with me or helped me set up the net to hit into. I knew it would soon be my turn to kick the dirt off my cleats after an at bat.
Today, i don’t sing the cheers, I scream them with excitement and passion. For me, softball is not just a sport to me. It’s every good swing and the crisp pop of the bat. It’s the feeling of having a second family with the girls that have my back both on and off the field. More than anything it’s about determination. There is nothing like the feeling under bright lights coming back from what feels like an impossible score. Softball is my outlet. It’s helped me celebrate huge wins and humbled me through tough loses. It’s helped prepare me for the world and i’m so excited to see where this amazing sport is gonna take me.

Q: What is your favorite softball memory?
A: I was able to attened a softball camp at Stanford Unitversity and was able to watch a bullpin practice with Gabi Peters, pitching coach Tori Nyberg and Headcoach Jessica Allister just listening to how to approach batters was an experience I will never forget.

Coaches Feedback:

I can’t say enough about Mak. She defines the statement that ‘Good things come in small packages.’ Our Mighty Mouse is huge on contribution and commitment. If she is not practicing with her Firecracker team, she is taking lessons for pitching, catching, and slapping,
attending camps and Clinics, helping to fundraise for charities, and all the while maintaining a high GPA. Her commitment to our process is second to none. I think if a player wants to know the things to do to be successful both on and off the field, I would suggest you talk with Mak
and find out what she is doing. She is an example for all young athletes to follow.



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