Izzy Blase Name NWFL Player of the Month for January

BYJess Caron

The spotlight is on Izzy Blase (2027) of the Northwest Fastpitch League (NWFL) as she is celebrated as the Player of the Month for her outstanding performance with ai Bandits Rabb in the month of January. Izzy, a versatile player at first base and pitcher, showcased remarkable skills that significantly contributed to her team’s success. This month, Blase boasted an impressive .700 batting average and a solid .700 on-base percentage. Her contributions included 7 RBIs, featuring 3 singles, 2 doubles, an electrifying triple, and a powerful home run.


Izzy’s softball journey began at the age of 5, starting with the local little league. As she got older, her passion for the game grew, leading her to play in Little League, travel softball, and school ball simultaneously. The special bonds formed with teammates each year are what she loves most about softball. The Bandits organization, with its abundance of talent, pushes Izzy to be the best version of herself both on and off the field.


A favorite softball memory for Izzy is her recent Grand Slam at the Las Vegas Best of the Best Showcase in January. It marked her second home run of the season, and the hard work, both physically and mentally, that went into that moment is immeasurable. Through softball, she has learned valuable life lessons – the importance of hard work, surrounding oneself with believers, and never giving up.


When asked about her favorite softball players, Izzy couldn’t pick just one. Having University of Washington softball season tickets, she admires Gabby Plain for her pitching, Sis Bates for her defense, Sami Reynolds and Baylee Klingler for their offense, and Brooke Nelson for her all-around grit.


Outside of softball, Izzy enjoys playing basketball and soccer for her school. She also loves camping, swimming at the lake, and spending time with her two dogs.


Current goals for Izzy include fine-tuning her pitching skills and continuing to work on her hitting. Having earned 1st Team league honors as an 8th grader last year, she aims to repeat the achievement this year and lead her team to State. Academically, Izzy aspires to finish the year with all A’s. Additionally, she plans to volunteer at her local little league, where her own softball journey began, to inspire the next generation.


Izzy Blase’s dedication, skill, and passion for the game make her a deserving recipient of the Player of the Month honor. She continues to inspire with her contributions both on and off the field, leaving an unforgettable mark on the sport of softball.


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