Joe Breer

Quick Facts


Favorite Fastpitch Moment:

I tend to cheer for the underdog player. It is always rewarding to see players that have a steep learning curve that requires them to grind longer and work a little harder to realize their potential and achieve success.


Joe is a proud US Army Veteran and currently manages the residential collection operations for the City of Tacoma’s Solid Waste Utility. He is a dedicated husband of 24 years and father of two adult children who have also found the love of coaching after graduating college. His appetite to connect as a father and appreciation for the game of baseball stimulated his coaching career. After seven years of coaching baseball, he reluctantly transitioned to the softball diamond where he developed and even greater appreciation and deep-rooted love of the game.

Joe coached with multiple organizations over his eleven previous years in softball before partnering with his brother Chris and friend Henderson Orchard to form the ai Bandits in August 2020. After years of developing players to compete nationally and play at the collegiate level, it was time to take on additional challenges that come with running an organization. Joe could not be more excited for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for both the ai Bandits program and The Alliance Fastpitch team. His dedication, passion, and competitive spirit is sure to contribute to the ai Bandits and Alliance Fastpitch’s vision to unite the softball community and bring joy and opportunity to all the student-athletes with big dreams.

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