Natalye DeBus named PCFL 14U Fall Spotlight Athlete for 2021


The Pacific Coast Fastpitch League (PCFL) is proud to name Natalye DeBus the PCFL’s 14U Fall Spotlight Athlete for 2021.

Debus, a 2025 member of Athletics Mercado Delamater/DeBus, exploded this fall on both sides of the ball. At the plate, the San Diego, CA native, hit .387 with a home run and an OPS of .939. In the circle, DeBus shined through 91.2 innings of work en route to 10 wins, 100 strikeouts, and a 2.2 ERA.

Meet Natalye:

Q: Tell us a little bit about you and your softball story?
A: I started playing baseball at the age of 4. I played baseball for one season. Some of my friends, who were girls, wanted to play softball and they wanted me to play with them. We were supposed to all play on the same team but they played T-ball while I played 8U. Then Coach Raffy chose me as his 13th out of 13 players for his All Star Team. He did not know that I was only 6. I did not play a lot on that team. I only got a few at bats but now looking back, sitting through all of those games is what made me love softball even more. I then went on to play all stars for the next 3 years, making it to states 3 times and regionals once. After I had achieved going to states 3 times, the most in our league ever, and regionals by the age of 9 I felt like I needed a challenge so I went and played travel ball. 

At the age of 10 I went and made a travel ball team for The Factory Fastpitch Club owned by Coach AJ Robinson. I have now been playing under the ownership of Coach AJ for the past 5 years. Through travel ball I have grown a lot by playing against very competitive teams and girls. I have also been able to see some amazing parts of the country and make many memories in those places with my softball family. I look forward to growing more and making more memories on future adventures.

Q: What is your favorite softball memory?
A: I have made many memories while playing softball, on and off the field. I have also made a lot of friends that will be my friends for years to come. One problem with having so many memories is that it is very hard to just pick one to be your favorite. My favorite on the field memory is when my team was at PGF in 2021 and the bases were loaded 2 outs, the score was 7-6. I was pitching and my catcher called time and the whole team came to give me high fives and my second baseman said “get me a pop up and we will win.” Then the batter hits her a pop up and we win and she says “told you we would win.” Then we go and celebrate because that game was a must win game in order to move on in PGF. My favorite off the field memory is the time we spend time together during game breaks and in hotel rooms, braiding hair, laughing, sharing snacks and just being girls together.

Coaches Feedback:

Nat is super competitive, does whatever is required to win, a bulldog in the circle and just competes in the box every at bat. (Coach Jerry Delamater)

My teams have faced Natalye over the 4-5 years and she competes as hard as anyone we have faced in the circle. Natalye is the epitome of a coach’s daughter; always seems to be thinking one play ahead of the rest of the girls on the field. Whether it’s on the mound or facing Natalye at the plate your team knows they are in for a battle every time. She’s a great kid on top of it!( Coach Glen Messick)



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