“Impossible” – An inside look at Alliance All-Star Mya Perez

By jess


By: Alison Newland




That would probably be most people’s response when told of a high schooler beating Oklahoma Softball legend Jocelyn Alo in a home-run derby. 


For Mya Perez, though, it was another highlight reel moment from an already incredible travel ball career. The two-way player from Norco, California has made a name for herself on both sides of the ball and has been selected as an Alliance All-Star this summer.  If you take a look at her family tree, though, it’s really no surprise at all.  


Perez’s brother, dad, and grandpa are all men’s fastpitch players, and while Mya told us it definitely got pretty competitive at home, being around softball players her whole life has allowed her to find the sport she loves. And as for all those home-runs, Mya has certainly never had to go far to find stellar batting practice. 


“The best pitcher at home has got to be my grandpa. He used to play in a men’s fastpitch league, and he would always throw BP when I was younger.” 


Someone might need to get Grandpa on the phone. 


The rich history of softball in the Perez family makes Mya’s next chapter the perfect fit. This fall, the power-hitting lefty will find herself in College Station at Texas A&M, a place no stranger to tradition. 


“I love being an Aggie,” Perez told us. The incoming freshman will join Coach Trisha Ford in her second year at the helm of the TAMU softball program, and said that the coaching staff and long-standing traditions of the program are some of the reasons she chose to spend the next four years in an Aggie Uniform. 


“I am most excited for the family atmosphere the school has. They definitely have the best cheers and chants at games. Overall, though, I’m excited to get that Aggie ring at the end of my college experience.” 


Mya is a member of the highly ranked Athletics Mercado summer ball team. The team has produced many phenomenal softball players who have gone on to have excellent college careers. She cites coaches Greg Borzilleri, Mark Smith, Chrissy Haines, and Dave Mercado as having big influences on her life and softball career. 


Perez says playing in Alliance events with her team has been a game changer. 


“You get a chance to play against the best of the best. Alliance gives you the opportunity to showcase your talents, and it gives you great exposure and experience for the next level.” 


Mya Perez will compete this summer in the Alliance 18u All-Star Game on July 23rd and join Texas A&M in maroon in August.