Alliance Fastpitch Announces Official Partnership with High Level Throwing

BYJess Caron

Deerfield Beach, FLORIDA – High Level Throwing, an educational website for softball and baseball, has entered into a partnership with The Alliance Fastpitch, the fast-growing, national organization unifying the sport of fastpitch softball with a player-first approach to adding value, purpose, recognition and top-level championship play.

“I am really excited about this partnership with Austin Wasserman and High Level Throwing as it epitomizes our vision for player development and providing the best resources to our members”, said Jami Lobpries Executive Director of the Alliance Fastpitch. “Several professional athletes, college programs and top club organizations are already working with Austin, and now we’re excited to introduce his teaching methods and the science behind throwing to all of our members. Together, we believe the Alliance and High Level Throwing can help create a national movement around the essentials of throwing and arm care, something that affects every single softball player throughout her entire softball journey.”

High Level Throwing is an educational website for softball and baseball players with information and training products for movement, arm care, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and throwing development. In addition to resources and training books, High Level Throwing also offers throwing clinics and remote training. Austin Wasserman, who founded High Level Throwing, combines his experience as a former DI and professional baseball player with his educational background in Exercise Science and Strength and Conditioning, to teach athletes how to move efficiently, maximize their throwing potential and improve throwing accuracy.

“I’m very excited about this opportunity and honored to be a part of this forward-thinking softball organization, bringing our Nationally Recognized High Level Throwing® Program to the Alliance Family”, said Austin Wasserman Owner and Founder of Wasserman Strength and High Level Throwing. “I appreciate Jami bringing me in and her passion for softball player development! We’ll have some really incredible opportunities and events for coaches and players to learn efficient overhand throwing mechanics and arm care development routines that are based on movement, patterning and rotational sequencing for softball players of all ages! We can’t wait to roll out our member exclusive High Level Throwing® content so coaches and parents can feel comfortable and confident in teaching overhand throwing and athletes are able to understand it and implement it on a consistent basis. We’re excited to help athletes maximize their throwing abilities, while staying healthy and competing at the highest level!”

Founded in 2020, The Alliance Fastpitch has quickly grown to over 1000 teams, and 12,000 members connecting top programs and teams nationwide through eight regional Member Leagues including the Pacific Coast Fastpitch League, Heart of America Fastpitch League, Northeast Fastpitch League, Rocky Mountain Fastpitch League, Southeastern Fastpitch League, Texas Fastpitch League and the two most recent additions, the Northwest Fastpitch League and Mid-Atlantic Fastpitch League.

Through this partnership, High Level Throwing, will work with The Alliance Fastpitch to provide consulting services to Alliance Fastpitch athletes and coaches on comprehensive Strength, Movement and High Level Throwing. Members of the Alliance will be provided with a free PDF for Foundations to High Level Throwing Getting Started Guide. In addition, High Level Throwing Remote Online Training Programs, books and resources will be discounted and available to registered Alliance members through July 31, 2022.


About High Level Throwing is an educational website for Baseball and Softball players with information and training products for Movement, Arm Care, Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, Throwing Development and Training Books! You can also visit for information on Strength Training for Baseball & Softball Players or to learn about training at one of our 4 local training facilities!


About The Alliance Fastpitch

The Alliance Fastpitch is a cohesive network of regional softball leagues, teams, coaches, athletes and parents. Founded in the Summer of 2020, the Alliance Fastpitch has quickly grown to over 1,000 teams and over 12,000 individual members which includes coaches and athletes.


Our eight regional Member Leagues include the Pacific Coast Fastpitch LeagueHeart of America Fastpitch LeagueNortheast Fastpitch LeagueRocky Mountain Fastpitch LeagueSoutheastern Fastpitch LeagueTexas Fastpitch League, Northwest Fastpitch League and Mid-Atlantic Fastpitch League. These regional Member Leagues provide a purpose of play to existing events with a structured point and ranking system, regional League championships, and a true national championship series, the Alliance Fastpitch Championship Series (AFCS).  Berths in championship events must be earned, with every team starting at the same level each season. The Alliance has partnered with the top event providers (USA Softball, USSSA, Triple Crown Sports) to host these events throughout the country.


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