Super Cup Team Spotlight – Texas Bombers Malpass

BYJess Caron

The Texas Bombers Gold 14u is coached by Kristi Malpass and Bobby Buchanan. The team is coming off a 14u Alliance Tier 1 National Championship, which makes this year even tougher because they know all the teams will be looking to get after them. They enjoy the Alliance because everything is earned. The national tournament is structured exactly how it is at the collegiate level and it makes playing in it that much more special for the athletes. Every game is important, and nothing is handed to the athletes, even coming off a championship season, the Texas Bombers Gold will have to earn their way back to the National Tournament all over again.


The following are the Texas Bombers Gold 14u players to watch this year at the Super Cup:

  • Jordyn Thibodeaux is a pitcher in the class of ‘26. She is a dominant pitcher who most recently led her high school team (Calallen High School) to a state championship.
  • Addison Otto is a utility player in the class of ‘26. She is a member of the U15 Women’s Junior National Team and won a gold medal with them in Japan and in Peru.
  • Makenna Cline is an infielder in the class of ‘27. Makenna has a lot of power at the plate and is already leading the team in home runs for the summer.
  • Josie Busceme is an outfielder in the class of ‘26. She is a super fast lefty hitter who has both pop off the bat and speed on the bases.


The Bombers are excited about the Super Cup because they get to play top teams early in the year. The 14u Super Cup also allows them to play in Aurora, where most of the college coaches are. It gives these young 14u players experience playing in high pressure situations in front of college coaches.


The Super Cup finals presented by EvoShield will take place on Tuesday, June 27 in Aurora, Colorado. To learn more about the Super Cup click HERE.

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