Super Cup Team Spotlight – OC Batbusters Stith

By jess

OCBB Stith

The OC Batbusters are coached by Mike Stith along with assistants Nick Digeralamo, who primarily works with pitchers, and Steve Rolon who works with outfielders. They have a talented group of players who are locked in and ready to compete this summer.


The following are the OC Batbusters players to watch this year at the Super Cup:

  • The senior class has been huge in leading the way for this team, they have accomplished a lot over their careers including winning Alliance Nationals in 2022. Ryan Matticks is a pitcher who is committed to the University of Arizona. She leads the way for the team in the circle.
  • Kai Minor is an outfielder in the class of ‘25. Kai is an exceptional athlete and has used her position to really become a student of the game.
  • Tessa Cowsill is a catcher in the class of ‘26. Tessa is young but has a lot of upside and untapped potential as a catcher for this squad.
  • Sophia Bordi is a pitcher in the class of ‘25. She has a lot of upsides as a pitcher, including being a two-way player who can also hit.
  • Jenae Berry is a pitcher in the class of ‘24. Jenae is looking to get a lot of work in throughout the Super Cup as Coach Stith is looking to challenge them and put them in the fire against the best of the best.
  • Gabriella Garcia is a shortstop in the class of ‘24. She holds down the middle well for the Batbusters and is exciting to watch.


The OC Batbusters enjoy the Alliance because it gave softball back its competitive edge, the Alliance works to instill hard work in its athletes and the competitiveness of the tournaments is second to none. The Super Cup is another example of the best of the best coming together to play. Coach Stith wants to use the Super Cup as a chance to give some of his younger players in more competitive situations to prepare them for nationals. The team is excited to compete and to see what lies ahead for the summer.


The Super Cup finals presented by EvoShield will take place on Tuesday, June 27 in Aurora, Colorado. To learn more about the Super Cup click HERE.