Jade Buchanan named TFL Player of the Month for October

By jess

JadeBuchanan (1)

The Alliance Fastpitch is honored to recognize Jade Buchanan (2025) from the Texas Fastpitch League (TFL) as Player of the Month for her remarkable October performance. Jade is a third baseman for the Texas Twelve 18U. This month, Buchanan batted .350 in 20 at bats complimented by 10 runs batted in and 2 homeruns. 


Jade Buchanan, a dynamic and dedicated athlete, embarked on her softball journey in T-Ball and has been captivated by the sport ever since. Delving into the intricate nuances of softball, Jade discovered a passion that she believes is irreplaceable, expressing, “Softball is a sport that I don’t think I could ever give up.”

One of the standout moments in Buchanan’s softball career occurred during her last High School district game. In a thrilling display of skill and determination, she crushed a grand slam that not only showcased her prowess on the field but also played a pivotal role in securing her team’s spot in the playoffs for the first time in 9 years. It was a triumphant moment that etched her name into the annals of her school’s softball history.

Drawing inspiration from softball stars like Jessi Warren and Tori Vidales, Jade is committed to leaving her mark on the game. However, her athletic pursuits extend beyond the softball diamond. A true multi-sport athlete, Jade actively participates in powerlifting, basketball, track & field, as well as showcasing her versatility by raising pigs and rabbits.

Jade’s ambitions extend beyond the realm of sports. On the field, she aspires to continue playing softball in college while pursuing a degree in Marine Biology. Off the field, her goals are equally ambitious, aiming to medal in the state for powerlifting and achieve membership in the coveted 1000 pound club, a testament to her strength and dedication in the world of powerlifting.

In every facet of her life, Jade Buchanan exemplifies a relentless commitment to excellence, seamlessly balancing her love for softball with a diverse array of athletic pursuits and academic aspirations. Her journey is not just a personal odyssey but a testament to the transformative power of sports in shaping character and fostering determination.



What is the Alliance Fastpitch Player Recognition Program?

The Player Recognition Program was built to recognize and spotlight our individual players in each Member League. Each month, registered Alliance Fastpitch coaches can nominate a player from their age division. League Leadership will review nominations and a monthly stats report from AthletesGoLive (AGL) to determine the League’s Player of the Month.

Following the announcement of each League’s Players of the Month, the Alliance Fastpitch will recognize a National Player of the Month. To be considered for Player of the Month, your team must score League games in AGL so your stats will be included in the League’s monthly report.