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Brooke Bohlender

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Brooke

Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado

College Signee: Colorado State University

Member League: RMFL LOGO

Club Team: Triple Crown Colorado 18Gold

Positions: C, 1B, 3B

Get to know her...

Emily Fiscus

“I wish someone would’ve told me these’ll be the good old days” -Macklemore

Hiking, riding my bike, reading, spending time with my family and friends.

Colorado State University

I chose CSU because it has always felt like home. I grew up in Fort Collins and always have been a fan of CSU softball. I grew up going to camps and have fallen in love with the school.

I try to model my game after Jenna Jordan. She is a great teammate who plays with passion and great knowledge of the game.

My dad was my assistant coach growing up and always pushed me to work hard. My mom is an administrator at CSU and used to work in athletics. She introduced me to my love for CSU.

I want to be remembered by my teammates as a great competitor but more importantly a great teammate. I want to be remembered as incredibly dedicated to my sport, working hard everyday, representing Colorado State the best that I can in all areas.

My past 4 years at Poudre I have played softball and basketball, starting varsity for both sports for 4 years. This year came with many challenges, but one of the positives in the state of Colorado was changing the volleyball season to the spring instead of at the same time as softball. I decided to tryout after not playing since middle school. I earned a starting spot on the varsity team, and was finally able to represent my high school in three sports.