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How Does The Alliance Calculate Points & league Standings?

How Does My Team Earn Points?

Teams earn points at Alliance endorsed events. Events can be found on our website under each Member League. These League events are designated as points events for teams.

All games MUST be scored using AthletesGoLive (AGL). AGL provides reports about the event – what teams played each other, game scores, and stats. It is VERY important to score all of your games in AGL. If you do not score your games in AGL, they will not be included in our leaderboard calculations. To confirm your Alliance ID has been tied to your AGL account, log into your AGL team account (app or web) and your Alliance ID will be listed on the HOME page. If it is blank, please follow these instructions to register for AGL: Click here

The Alliance Rating System

Based on the ELO rating system.

  • All teams start off with an initial Alliance Rating of 1600 points at the beginning of the season. 
  • Teams exchange points based on outcome of games
    • A team that does better than expected improves its rating
    • A team that does worse than expected lowers its rating
  • Stronger teams must beat weaker teams consistently to maintain or increase rating
  • Weaker teams can play stronger teams without having to win a lot of games and still improve their rating
  • Teams have an incentive to play STRONG teams
  • A team’s overall Alliance Rating will determine league rank. You can find team rankings on Member League sites.
  • Leagues will use the Alliance rating system to determine seedings at League Championships as we well as placement in the event.
  • The AFCS will determine seedings based on results of the league summer championship as well as Alliance ELO ratings.

Earning Points

You must score the game in AthletesGoLive (AGL) in order to receive points.

  • The amount of points awarded for each game is based on the win probability of the game. If you are expected to win (i.e. your team has a higher rating than your opponent) you will receive less points for a win. If you are expected to lose, but end up winning, you will receive more points for a win.
  • Please ensure you select the correct opponent AGL ID when scheduling your games within AGL. If using team name you need to confirm the AGL ID next to the team name is correct to ensure we are accurately capturing your points based on your opponent. Please reference the TEAM LIST tab on your Member League page to easily find the ID for your opponent. All Alliance endorsed events should be selected from the Event Name Dropdown.
  • Please enter your opponents AGL ID as well as their Alliance ID (if they have either) when you score the game. This will help with the accuracy of the points awarded based on the matchup.
  • TIE BREAKER (for teams facing off with the same rating):
    Strength of Schedule > Strength of Victory > Runs Against > Runs Scored
Alliance Power Points
  • Alliance Power Points (APP) will be awarded when traveling to a different League’s territory or when playing a traveling team from a different League in an Alliance endorsed event. 
  • Alliance Points Points, Strength of Schedule, and Strength of Victory values will all be used by the selection committed when seeding the AFCS
  • Alliance Power Points will be awarded based on the following:
Travelling Team Tie 2 Neutral Ground Tie 2
Traveling Team Loss 1 Neutral Ground Loss 1
Local Team Wins 2
Local Team Tie 1

Please contact your League Administrator with any question regarding points or standings.

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