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Katie Dack-Howell

Quick Facts

Hometown: Parker, Colorado

College Signee: Texas A&M University

Member League: RMFL LOGO

Club Team: Colorado Styxx 18u Gold

Positions: C, 3B

Get to know her...

Paige Halstead

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”


Texas A&M University

I chose Texas A&M because I fell in love with all the traditions they have there. The coaches are amazing. It just felt like home.

My mom played D1 volleyball at the university Wyoming And I have a twin sister!

A story that I would share on tv is why I became a catcher. I became a catcher because when I was 8 I started playing softball and I had a hard time paying attention in the field. So my mom put me behind the plate so I would pay attention. Ever since that day I fell in love with catching.