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Elon Butler

Quick Facts

Hometown: San Jose, CA

College Signee: UC Berkeley

Member League: PCFL LOGO

Club Team: Corona Angels

Positions: UTL

Get to know her...

Natasha Watley

"Dedication makes dreams come true" - Kobe Bryant

drawing, writing, painting, listening to music

UC Berkeley

I think at Cal I can get the best possible education with playing at a high level. I also love how at the school you are given the space to be completely yourself. In addition, I think how they advocate for civil rights is amazing and very important to me when it comes to my overall college experience.

Kobe, I love his hard work and dedication to his sport. I want to make sure that I do everything with excellence and emulate the five pillars: passion, obsessiveness, resilience, relentlessness, and fearlessness

Dad- Howard Butler: 3 sport athlete in high school (baseball, football, wrestling) and played football at San Jose State university and Arena League for ball for the San Jose Sabercats. My Mom, LaDonna Butler, played basketball at SJSU. I also have a older half brother named Howard or Ray and a younger sister

I want people to know that not only I was a great softball player; I was an even better human being