029C3ABC-639B-4971-BB11-A96808952242 - Avery Fantucci


Avery Fantucci

Quick Facts

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

College Signee: University of Michigan

Member League: SEFL LOGO

Club Team: EC Bullets Schnute

Positions: 2B/SS

Get to know her...

Sierra Romero

Never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart

Listening to Taylor Swift, going on walks, hanging out with friends, playing basketball

University of Michigan

I have always admired the coaching staff and Michigan is an amazing university with a prestigious education as well as an amazing program.

I try to model my game after Derek Jeter. Ever since I could watch baseball, I always loved watching Jeter play. He is a great shortstop and also a great leader. I admire how hard he worked too.

My dad went to Michigan State to play baseball, but he is a Michigan fan now!

I want my legacy to be a girl who was a competitor but just had fun playing the game. I believe the best way to play is relaxed and smiling and supporting my teammates, rather than being too serious and hard on myself.

This year I sent the basketball state championship game into overtime with a half court buzzer beater, and in double overtime I won the state championship game with a buzzer beater layup.