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D’Auna Jennings

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Dee

Hometown: Houston, TX

College Signee: Duke

Member League: TFL LOGO

Club Team: Prolific Fastpitch

Positions: SS/OF

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AJ Andrews

Jesus looked at them and said, with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible - Matthews 19:26

spending time with my loved ones


It checked off everything I was looking for in a University. I was big on the team being diverse and the culture being something that stood out. I immediately fell in love with the coaching staff. The location was also perfect given I wanted to be minimum 8 hours from home.

Aliyah and AJ Andrews are the only people I have watched in the outfield and inspire me to make those plays that not everyone can make. Their effort on diving plays are very inspirational. You wouldn’t even think the ball is getting caught then all of a sudden you find it in their gloves.

Both of my parents attended Texas A&M university. My mom didn’t do any sports in college; however my dad played football at A&M and played a couple years in the NFL with the Oakland Raiders.

I want my legacy to be knows as someone who was extremely competitive and had huge passion when I played the game. I also want my leadership to be one of the biggest things left behind.

I didn’t start competitive travel ball until 14u. I also switched to the left side to be a slapped the same year. It was a whole new ball game and took a lot of learning on the go and being a quick learner. During that time of struggling, I learned the mental part of the game is crucial.