Josey Marron


Josephyne Marron

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Josey

Hometown: Grimes, IA

College Signee: Mississippi State University

Member League: HFL LOGO

Club Team: Iowa Premier

Positions: P

Get to know her...

Rachel Garcia

Remember yourself on your best day, because that's who you really are -Coach Kevin Stephens

Cooking, working out, traveling

Mississippi State University

I loved the dynamic of the coaching staff and the family atmosphere within the program. I could tell from my first conversation with Coach Ricketts that the coaching staff sees their players as people first, then athletes. They also have one of the most passionate fan bases in the country and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play in front of them.

Rachel Garcia. I love her calm yet intense presence in the circle. You can tell her teammates have all the trust in her and she leads by example and keeps everyone else calm with her demeanor. I have also learned a lot from watching her rise ball spin and how she throws different pitches.

My dad has caught for me ever since I started pitching and still catches for me in our pitching lane at home, my aunt played soccer at the University of Florida, I am the only softball player in my family both of my other sisters are dancers, my mom was the mascot in college (the Buena Vista Beavers), I have an English bulldog at home that looks nearly identical to the MSU mascot

I want to teach the younger generation of softball players that it is absolutely okay to fail and face adversity because that is when the most growth happens. Too often we run away from situations when we think we won’t succeed when we should be doing the opposite, those are crucial learning moments for both on the softball field and in life.

Because Iowa is the only state that has their school softball season in the summer, I have never played high school softball and always opted to play club instead.