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Charlize Lorenz

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Char

Hometown: Munster, IN

College Signee: University of Louisville

Member League: HFL LOGO

Club Team: Louisville Sluggers-Huecker

Positions: C, INF, OF

Get to know her...

Jayda Coleman

No, try not. Do or do not. There is no try ~ Yoda

Either weightlifting or organizing different things (my room, closets, etc)

University of Louisville

It felt like home, they showed me i was important and wanted and believe in me constantly. talking to the coaches feels like talking to a friend

Yes, my dad. he has always had the best mental attitude to anything in life especially when he played baseball. i hope i can be like him and have his strength, not only physical but mental, one day.

Mom-she used to be a gymnast and probably had a better 6-pack than most bodybuilders
Dad-he ran a 6.1 60 yard dash back in the day
Sister-my sister bakes the best cookies you will ever eat. (soft on the inside with a little crunch in the outside.)
Brother-he lacerated his spleen diving for a ball (he still caught it)

Someone who never gave up, who gave their all at all times no matter what. somebody who was selfless and tried to always uplift the people around her.

My junior year of high school i played for 4 weeks sick with mono that i didn’t even know I had