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Jadyn Glab

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Jay

Hometown: Dubuque, IA

College Signee: University of Washington

Member League: HFL LOGO

Club Team: Iowa Premier 18u National- Dickel

Positions: C, 1B, SS, 3B

Get to know her...

My favorite softball player currently is Jayda Coleman

Everything comes as it should

Favorite hobby/hobbies or activities when not playing softball

University of Washington

It truly felt like home in the most special way. The coaching staff is incredible and the bond and connection all of the players have is what I wanted in a school. As soon as I stepped on campus I knew it was the place for me to grow as a human being and as an athlete.

I would say Jayda Coleman. I just love her energy and excitement on the field. Every time the cameras are on her she is always smiling and cheering on her teammates. Thats what I strive to be.

I come from a family of four. My dads name is Dusty and he taught me about everything I know about the game. He was my coach for a huge part of my life so I owe a lot of where I’m at to him. My moms name is Angela and she ran track and was a gymnast in high school. My brothers name is Trenton and he’s 12. He plays football and hopes to play in college.

I want my legacy to be resilience. There was a lot of times in my life where I could have laid down and quit but my dad always told me that there’s always someone working harder and someone who’s going to be better, so don’t just be satisfied with being good. Be unstoppable.

When I was probably around the age of 4 or 5 I constantly watched the movie “Over the Hedge” and when my dad would come home from work at around 6 pm he told me that I would be sitting at the end of his bed waiting for him to hit replay so I could rewatch the movie. After awhile he would fall asleep and I would wake him up about an hour later to hit replay again so I could rewatch it again. This went on for about 2 years. And I still absolutely love the movie.