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Regan Shockey

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Regs

Hometown: Chino Hills, CA

College Signee: University of Arizona

Member League: PCFL LOGO

Club Team: OC Batbusters Stith

Positions: 1B, OF

Get to know her...

Amanda Lorenz

You are what you repeatedly do

Going to the beach, binge watching shows

University of Arizona

I loved the atmosphere of the campus and the competitiveness of the softball program.

Janelle Meono, she has taught me a lot about the slapping game and she has incredible speed and bat control. Watching her play inspires me to get better everyday.

I have four older brothers who have all played multiple sports, so I grew up always playing football, baseball, and soccer with them and they just made me love every sport and just
competing in general.

I would want my legacy to do a lot with how I impact the younger generation. I want to inspire the younger generation by the way I play softball, the way I present myself, and most importantly how I respect the game and everyone playing.