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Sidne Peters

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Sid

Hometown: Santa Fe, TX

College Signee: University of Washington

Member League: TFL LOGO

Club Team: Impact Gold Jackson

Positions: P

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Alex Hugo

Do what you can with all you have, wherever you are - Theodore Roosevelt

fishing, stargazing

University of Washington

The city was very different from my hometown and i feel like i needed a change. i loved the campus and coaches, and of course the softball program

Michael Jordan, i know he played basketball, but his work ethic, and his way of playing the game of basketball really inspired me.

mom is Kelly, she’s a P.E coach at an elementary school. Dad is Chris, he is a true cowboy. oldest sister is Rylie, who is in school to be a physical therapist. little sister is Kinly, she will be a freshmen in high school and plays volleyball

i just want people to remember me for playing the game for fun. and enjoying every moment i get to step out on the feild.

when i was younger learning how to pitch me and my dad would argue all the time. one day he got so mad he kicked my bucket of balls and they went everywhere. but we re grouped after that and got right back to work.