Louisville Slugger Meta Named Official Bat of the Alliance All Star Game

By jami


The Louisville Slugger Meta is the official bat of the Alliance All-Star Game. Athletes in the Alliance All-Star Game will swing the brand new Meta in their July 27th game at Hall of Fame Stadium.

Meet the Technology Behind the 2022 Meta Fastpitch Bat

Learn about the Mash Composite Barrel, the VTX Connection and other tech of the Meta fastpitch bat.

Introducing the 2022 Louisville Slugger Meta Fastpitch Bat, the stick crafted to deliver a massive sweet spot, an unmistakable sound and a softer barrel. With Meta, Louisville Slugger debuted its new Mash Composite Barrel, a carbon fiber composite design engineered to offer leading performance. The Mash Composite Barrel boasts two distinct barrel walls, and the inner wall features a cantilevered design, a structure in which the inner wall is supported at the taper. This cantilevered, two-barrel construction allows for a longer sweet spot that generates incredible performance across the entire barrel.

Mash Composite Barrel of Meta

Jeremy Yim, Manager of Engineering for Louisville Slugger, likened the barrel’s two walls and cantilevered construction to a diving board.

“The movement of the inner wall allows the outer wall to flex even more than it would otherwise,” Yim said. “Our gapped wall design basically combines a trampoline and a diving board together to store and return energy during impact.”

This Mash Composite Barrel technology allows hitters to get a better response from their bat throughout the sweet spot.

VTX Connection of Meta

The two-piece construction of Meta is paired together with Louisville Slugger’s VTX connection system. This all-new connection, designed to complement the Mash Composite Barrel, helps to deliver improved energy transfer while reducing vibration.

James Earley, Director of innovation at Louisville Slugger, said the VTX Connection system of Meta creates a premium, smooth feel with little to no vibration, even on mishits.

“The feel of the bat inspires confidence with every swing,” Earley said. “You can swing your hardest without any fear of hand sting.”

F2X End Cap of Meta

Meta also introduces the new F2X End Cap to Louisville Slugger’s lineup. This end camp, composed of clear material, is designed to maximize barrel performance and work in tandem with Meta’s gapped wall construction.

“It features a clear material that allows you to see through the ribbing structure and weighting material in the cap,” Yim said of the F2X End Cap. “The swing weight has been optimized for players to generate power.”

When compared to Xeno and LXT, Meta has a slightly more end loaded feel through the zone without sacrificing swing speed.

No matter your swing speed or style of play, there is a Meta fastpitch bat to match your game. The Meta comes in -11, -10, -9 and -8 options, so there is a length and weight drop for every level of player.

“Players with slow and medium swing speeds will appreciate the incredible pop off the super low compression barrel,” Earley said. “Stronger players with faster swing speeds will be able to generate the maximum exit velocity due to the compliant inner barrel and cantilevered design.”