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Juniors on the Rise – A 2024 First Look

June 27, 2023 – The Alliance Fastpitch announces a first look at the top 2024 softball players in the country. This list is comprised of the top prospects from the high school class of 2024 who could very well end up being selected to play in the annual Alliance All-Star game powered by Under Armour.


Similar to past All-Star classes, top prospects are selected by our national committee spearheaded by Derek Allister, founder of OnDeck Softball and representation from all Alliance Member Leagues. This is the first year the Alliance Fastpitch generated a “pre” watch list and will be followed up with the inaugural watch list, League All-Star Teams and finally the final 40 All-Stars.


Each of the Alliance Fastpitch 8 leagues are represented within this list. Leading the pack is the Texas Fastpitch League (TFL), Southeastern Fastpitch League (SEFL), and Heart of America Fastpitch League (HFL) with 20 each, following closely behind is the Pacific Coast Fastpitch League (PCFL) with 16, the Atlantic Coast Fastpitch League (ACFL) with 8, the Northeast Fastpitch League (NEFL) with 5, the Rocky Mountain Fastpitch League (RMFL) with 4 and finally the Northwest Fastpitch League (NWFL) with 3.


All Star Selection Process:

The All-Star athlete selection process will begin with the announcement of the 2024 Junior list (see list below), followed by the overall 2024 All-Star Watch List. The overall watch list is developed by OnDeck Softball co-founder Derek Allister with the assistance of Alliance League leadership and nominations from coaches. Watch list selection is open to all high school seniors. Athletes do not have to be on an Alliance registered team to be included on the watch list. The watch list will be released at the end of November 2023.


League All Star Teams:

Following the junior list and watch list, a national panel of voters will name Regional League All Star teams that correspond to each Alliance Fastpitch Member League – The Pacific Coast Fastpitch League, The Northwest Fastpitch League, The Rocky Mountain Fastpitch League, The Texas Fastpitch League, The Southeastern Fastpitch League, The Heart of America Fastpitch League, The Atlantic Coast Fastpitch League, and The Northeastern Fastpitch League. Regional League All Stars will be announced in the Spring of 2024. Athletes must be on an Alliance registered team to be on a Regional League All Star team.


Alliance All Star Teams:

The final 40 All Stars chosen to play in the All-Star Game will be selected from the Regional teams and will be divided into Alliance American and Alliance National. Final Alliance All-Star Teams will be announced in June of 2024.



About Alliance Fastpitch

The Alliance Fastpitch is a national league system for amateur fastpitch softball. Founded in 2020, the Alliance Fastpitch offers a clear pathway to play through our regional leagues and National Championships. Alliance Fastpitch competition provides equal opportunities to teams through League Play with a unified scoring system, Cup Series, League Championships and National Championships.


Off the field, the Alliance Fastpitch offers year-round community, player recognition, educational resources and membership benefits to individual athletes and coaches. The Alliance Fastpitch was founded by a collaborative effort to change the status quo of youth softball, with a vision to work together and put the female athlete at the forefront of decision-making.


The Alliance Fastpitch has served over 30,000 athletes and 3000 youth coaches in our three seasons. Currently, the Alliance Fastpitch has eight regional leagues including the are the Pacific Coast Fastpitch League, Heart of America Fastpitch League, Northeast Fastpitch League, Rocky Mountain Fastpitch League, Southeastern Fastpitch League, Texas Fastpitch League, Northwest Fastpitch League and Atlantic Coast Fastpitch League. The Alliance Fastpitch has recognized thousands of players for their on-field and off-field achievements in League and National play and has crowned National Champions in 10U to 18U divisions.



First NameLast NameTeamLeague
AbbeyLaneEC Bullets – CornettACFL
NoraAbromavageEC Bullets – CornettACFL
CharlotteMooreTri-State Thunder GoldACFL
AbigailBrittonVA Glory WillemssenACFL
JackieYeagerVA Glory WillemssenACFL
KaylieAvvisatoVA Glory WillemssenACFL
DannerAllenWilliamsburg Starz Gold BighamACFL
TyahCharltonWilliamsburg Starz Gold BighamACFL
NessaMcMillenAces Fastpitch 18UHFL
LydiaCoulsonAces Fastpitch 18UHFL
BethDamonAces Fastpitch 18UHFL
BreannaCoonfareDiamond Club Premier Nat 25/26HFL
MartiYaergerEpic 18U National – LacinaHFL
KadeyMcKayEpic National 18U SmithHFL
ReaganStoudtExtreme Elite 16u NationalHFL
LibbyMcIntyreFirecrackers Arkansas – Lemley 18UHFL
PaigeErnstesIndiana Magic Gold 18U GreenHFL
RileyJandaIndiana Magic Gold 18U GreenHFL
CassieJohnsonIowa Premier 18U National-DickelHFL
ChaneyHeltonIowa Premier 18U National-DickelHFL
CallieCooperLegends 16u NationalHFL
SophieHolverstottMichigan FinesseHFL
GrettaGrasselMidwest Speed 18U KoltesHFL
AushaMooreOklahoma Pure Fastpitch MELSON Premier 18UHFL
SophiaMazzolaSt.Louis Chaos 18U-MazzolaHFL
AddieGrahamTulsa Elite 18u NationalHFL
GracieMaloneyTurnin2 National MaloneyHFL
MaceyChamberlainTurnin2 National PezzHFL
ElizabethBaglieriConklin Raiders GoldNEFL
SamLincolnLouisville Lady Sluggers – HueckerNEFL
CassadieArmstrongStars National Coleman 18UNEFL
PeytonHeislerTeam Pennsylvania Hall – 16uNEFL
MaggieHowardTeam Pennsylvania Hall – 16uNEFL
HayleighOliverai Bandits Breer 16uNWFL
YaninaSherwoodai Bandits Breer 16uNWFL
GabiToneyai Bandits Breer 18uNWFL
JayleenHernandez18U Corona Angels HowardPCFL
AddisonDukeAthletics MercadoPCFL
CambriaSalmonAthletics MercadoPCFL
PriscillaLlamasAthletics MercadoPCFL
XianeRomeroAthletics MercadoPCFL
MialiGuachinoAthletics Mercado SmithPCFL
AleenaGarciaCorona Angels Tyson 18UPCFL
KennedyProctorFirecrackers – Brashear 18UPCFL
AllyssaRamosFirecrackers Rico 18uPCFL
ZoePrystajkoFirecrackers Rico 18uPCFL
QuinnWaikiOC Batbusters Lara 18UPCFL
GabriellaGarciaOC Batbusters StithPCFL
IzzyMertesOC Batbusters StithPCFL
TaylorShumakerOC Batbusters StithPCFL
MiracleMckenzieUSA Athletics 18 GoldPCFL
MiaPhillipsWarrior Academy McDonaldPCFL
TanayaBarrettWarrior Academy McDonaldPCFL
MacFergusonColorado Batbusters 18U Gold SmithRMFL
MakenzieSaisColorado Batbusters 18U Gold SmithRMFL
EmmaCoxCorona Angels Tyson 18URMFL
SadieRossTriple Crown StarsRMFL
EricaBordersEC BulletsSEFL
JaciUnderwoodEC Bullets SchnuteSEFL
KaileyMartinEC Bullets SchnuteSEFL
AllyAgnerFirecrackers Arkansas 18u – LemleySEFL
AvaWilsonFury Platinum X – HutchinsSEFL
BellaRuggieroFury Platinum X 18USEFL
JasmineFrancikFury Platinum X 18USEFL
AnnaMauckFury Platinum X-HutchinsSEFL
AvaWilsonFury Platinum X-HutchinsSEFL
EllaTrouttImpact Gold Jackson 18uSEFL
KatherineMurphyLouisville Lady Sluggers – HueckerSEFL
MalloryWheelerLouisville Lady Sluggers – HueckerSEFL
TinleyEastonLouisville Lady Sluggers – HueckerSEFL
GigiLindseyMS Bombers 18u Gold / KnightSEFL
AbbeyJohnsTampa Mustangs ReneSEFL
destinyjohnsTampa Mustangs ReneSEFL
TaytenMooreTampa Mustangs ReneSEFL
KaiaCortesLouisville Lady Sluggers – HueckerSEFL
KatelynnOxleyWichita MustangsSEFL
AbbeyMooreWindermere Wildfire 16U – PaulsonSEFL
CarsonFall18u Texas GloryTFL
EmileeProchaska18u Texas GloryTFL
NevaehWatkins18u Texas GloryTFL
PaislieAllen18u Texas GloryTFL
SaniyaHill18u Texas GloryTFL
SavannaLuther18u Texas GloryTFL
Kaylynn JonesJonesAthletics MercadoTFL
ArielRedmondImpact Gold Jackson 18uTFL
AshtynReichardtImpact Gold Jackson 18uTFL
CamerynHarrisonImpact Gold Jackson 18uTFL
EllaMcDowellImpact Gold Jackson 18uTFL
KassidyChanceImpact Gold National RodriguezTFL
LarisaPerezTexas Blaze United Robertson 16uTFL
CambreeCreagerTexas Bombers Gold 18UTFL
DeeDeeBaldwinTexas Bombers Gold 18UTFL
JacksonVestalTexas Bombers Gold 18UTFL
KateDowdenTexas Bombers Gold 18UTFL
JadeBubkeTX Blaze United 18UTFL
RyleeSlimpTX Blaze United 18UTFL
TownsendThomasTX Blaze United 18UTFL